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summer supplement I searched the archives; if this is not new, here at least are the latest titles for beach reading this summer.
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that's like loompanics meets that lady on iron chef who always is like PERFECT FOR SUMMER!
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The Complete Review, just because I stumbled across it today.
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Also see: Summer Reading Lists.
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Why do people like being told what they should read? I fall in to that trap occasionally and always find its the stuff no one is reading that is the most rewarding.. I just read "Kite Runner" and it felt like a Hollywood Blockbuster movie, an intimate experience shared with a billion others at the same time.
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stbalbach writes "Why do people like being told what they should read"
I don't know if that's really accurate for most. Morelike suggestions and reviews -- just to get a handle on what's available and whether it falls in with your reading likes etc. There's also the bonus (for some) that if others are reading it at the same time, you can share about it I guess.
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Awesome to see that Loompanics is still churning out high-quality tinfoil hat reading. I don't mean that disparagingly at all. Some of that looks pretty nifty.
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Why do people like being told what they should read?

Yeah, really. Just the other day some big mofo came by my house, yelling at me to go read Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down.

Holy shit. But apparently people like that approach.

Me, I liked it a lot better when people just offered up suggestions based on what they've read. Like, "Here, our reviewers read these books; you might enjoy them."

But, to tell the truth, the Hornby book was pretty good.
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