Love In Action Redux
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A followup to this story from June 10th, The state of Tennessee is FINALLY investigating allegations of child abuse at Refuge, part of Love In Action International, Inc. But will this investigation actually do anything? And what has happened to Zach? No one seems to be talking...
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Zach has been transferred to the six-week version of the program. Publicity is a double-edged sword; it alerts people to his plight but makes the directors that much more resolved to "straighten out" their most famous captive.
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Poor kid. I feel sorry for anyone who goes through brain washing because he was the only one of his family with the courage to be open-minded.

It's strange, my father commented yesterday about how my eldest niece was loving Vacation Bible School, and how her younger sister would be old enough to go next year. My parents are Christian, so this alone is not what makes it unusual.

The church is also a K-8 school, and several students are non-Christian. My father finds it odd that the families would have them attend, and in some cases even send them to VBS, when from his own mouth he calls the program an "indoctrination."

He says that the kids will leave this school program stripped of the feeling that any other religions are acceptible in one breath, how horrible it is to force a person's hand on religion in the next, and how happy he is to have my niece attending in the third.
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they should shut it and others like it down immediately--it's abuse by definition.
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John Aravosis at Americablog has been doing sterling stuff on Zach updates. Not to mention Terrance, who displays a slightly more measured outrage at Republic of T.

This teen's case makes me wistful, for what us Euros used to call the American dream: it *was* the land where you can make yourself, yourself.
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If the legal ramifications weren't what they are, I'd happily bring this kid across the border. Given Canadian law, he could make a very good case for a refugee claim.
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Ex-Gay Camp Investigation Called Off - Investigation Was Prompted by Teen's Blog.
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that sucks. I just saw it- "DCS dispatched its special investigations unit to the facility, and after conducting a full investigation, determined that the child abuse allegations were unfounded," Rob Johnson, an agency spokesman, told The Associated Press.

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