Can a mobile phone help get you laid?
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Can a mobile phone help get you laid? Then it makes sense that they should be for adults only, but 1 in 5 US teenagers own one and it's not just the radiation that is dangerous.
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I'm not sure what's more disturbing -- the fact that there are people who parade their mobile phones around like some kind of status symbol (In 2000? Even janitors have cell phones now!), or the fact that there are women who would actually find this alluring.
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byun, it's subtler than that. I don't think there's anything wrong with acknowledging that we're hard-wired for certain things, and whether it's a cell phone, a fancy car, or the biggest farm in the county, status is something that women tend to seek in mates -- some more rationally than others. You see it in high school, and you see it in adults.

The cell phone is less monetary status, though, than social status. It says "I have friends, I can call up someone and find a party, I am not a loner, I have a life outside this bar." Even if it's unconscious, it's clearly a message that has meaning.
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The NY Times article from which The Register rather snarkily cribbed takes it a lot more seriously. Of course, the Times itself was cribbing from a journal called Human Nature.
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I do understand that such behavior is largely instinctual. I guess what I'm really bemoaning is that fact itself. We should be better than this! We should rise above our evolutionary heritage! We went to the Moon, dammit! How can we ever become godlike masters of the cosmos if we can't even get over our animal impulses?
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On a related note I recently saw a news item that stated that while teenage cell phone use went up, cigarette smoking went down. The researchers argued that cell phones helped make teenagers feel sufficiently adult enough that cigarettes were not not necessary to help them feel more grown up.
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But we are animals. Our basic drive is to survive, then to procreate. In procreation, we look for the best mate possible -- social status being a part of that. After all, if the dad's a loser, the kids have a good chance of being losers, and losers don't get dates (vicious cycle, huh?).

Of course, I'd never date someone who brandished his cell phone. That's just tacky.
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That first article is so incredibly dumb.. I have a cell phone and I don't necessarily flaunt it, but I do tend to put it on the table when I sit down. You want to know why?

'cause it's uncomfortable having that antenna jabbing into my leg when I sit down. Yes! It's a matter of comfort! Not trying to show off my phone. I've got better things to do.

And guys play with their phones because that is what guys do. We fidget. We can't sit still in one place.
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i agree with pwa_badboy... i put my cellphone on the table because of the same reasons...

besides... if i get a call, i don't want to look like a dork while thrusting my pelvis out from the seat of my chair so i can straighten out my leg and yank the phone from my left pant pocket. (i know... it's easier to stand up... but i'm lazy)

...and contrary to what anyone may think about my social life with a cellphone on my person... i have no friends.
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Now I get it! these guys have penis envy!
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You could always get a belt clip for your phone, but then you'd look like a dork.
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I don't find cell phones attractive. I find public cell phone use to be generally annoying. someone who appears to be either flaunting their cell phone or carrying on large numbers of cell conversations in public is, in fact, a turn off.

just another data point.

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I still stand by my oath not to get a cell phone until they can reliably embed a chip in my right ear and a chip in my rightmost-farthest-back molar.

When all you cool, grown up looking kids are keeling over from brain cancer, I'll stand over top your melted skulls with my old-fashioned cigarettes-make-me-cool-lung cancer, and wheeze out a triumphant guffaw at your expense.

(Up until the cancer from the radiation in the chip drastically accelerates the tumors already growing behind my eyes from staring at my monitor for 12 hours a day and I collapse atop you, but at least I'll be wheezing gleefully as I go! :-)
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PWA and ajbriones make perfect sense. Women keep their cell-phones stashed because they have somewhere to stash them. The solution: men can start carrying purses. Sometimes a cell phone is just a cell phone.

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I confess -- the real reason I'm ticked off by this article is that I've had a cool cell phone for almost a year now and people still think I'm a dork. But then, I don't really show it off in public, so maybe I'm just not "selling" my cell phone enough. Does anyone have tips on how I can better utilize my hi-tech gadgets to boost my dwindling social life?
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Cell phones are absolutely ubiquitous here in the UK, as i discovered about ten seconds after i arrived. I am the only person i hang out iwth here who does not have one, and these people are almost all ex-pats like me, who have no real use for one. But they're just icredibly cheap.

They're also the bane of every professors existence. About two or three go off every lecture.
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Well, usually when you take the metro, scream and yell things like 'sell 500' 'buy 10,000' 'fuck, you, you're fired!' It's the coolest these days. I have one, and for some reason, maybe it's all these anti-cell-in-public articles, am ashamed to use it.
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If you're feeling your phone just isn't doing the trick try adding a pager to the mix of things.
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... and a RIM pager and a Palm Pilot/Handspring Visor. :)
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What's really scary is that I understood the term "Lekking Devices" before reading the footnote. (I just finished reading Matt Ridley's The Red Queen, which I recommend to everyone.) Now there's a business name waiting for the incorporation papers to be filed.

Of course, every guy knows that just having a phone isn't enough to pick up the chicks. It's important to have the right phone.

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Well, y'know, it's funny. I carried my cellphone *in my pocket*, until they stopped being a status symbol; now I have a belt case. And everyone has Motorola Advisor's (alpha pagers) these days.

But you know what really drew a crowd? My Motorola PageWriter 2000 -- the Barbie Laptop. *Damn* was that thing popular... :-)

But *EXPENSIVE* (try $50 a month).
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