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Is baby formula financing terrorism? Also discussed one year ago. "Just because you have an infant- formula operation doesn't mean it's a terror funding operation," says Sergeant Jezierski. "But to say there's no terrorist funding isn't the case either."
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a Texas state trooper pulled over a rental van driven by a Middle Eastern man toward Houston.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has traced money from these infant-formula traffickers back to nations where terrorist groups, such as Hamas and Hizbullah, are active, investigators say.

Middle Eastern criminal enterprises involved in the organized theft and resale of infant formula pose not only an economic threat...

Yep, those Israelis sure are a shady bunch. What? Nothing in the article or the FBI statements indicate that Arabs are the ones involved here. We just assume.
posted by Pollomacho at 10:01 AM on June 29, 2005

Didn't Clinton lob a few cruise missiles at a baby formula factory during the Lewinsky thing? Proof again that Clinton was the shizzle.
posted by keswick at 10:07 AM on June 29, 2005

Why do babies hate America so much?
posted by clevershark at 10:13 AM on June 29, 2005

gum arabic-sudan-bin laden-candy
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So I'm safe buying my boy's formula at Target?
posted by fenriq at 10:26 AM on June 29, 2005

Any baby would be terrorized to have formula instead of a good breast!
posted by nofundy at 10:49 AM on June 29, 2005

One of our local stores used to keep formula in a locked case because of theft. I thought it was so sad that there were people so bad off that they had to steal to feed their babies. Never even occured to me that it had street value.
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Theft of baby formula from store shelves has risen over the past decade, costing retailers billions of dollars. Formula was the fourth most-often-shoplifted item last year, according to a survey by the Food Marketing Institute, a Washington, D.C., trade group.

I always thought that shoplifters went for smaller, higher-value items that are easier to hide in pockets. Shows what I know about shoplifting.
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Ruben Larosa of 19 Murray Hill Road, Roslindale, was arrested and charged with shoplifting while at the Home Depot at 1213 VFW Parkway, West Roxbury, after allegedly attempting to steal two air conditioners.
-- West Roxbury Transcript
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1. Can't use baby formula, it's helping the terrorists
2. Can't breastfeed, it's shameful and indecent exposure

I guess we'll use IV from now on.
posted by NewBornHippy at 11:49 AM on June 29, 2005

Isn't the fact that it's the fourth-most stolen item evidence that families need more assistance, that the huge pharma companies that sell the stuff are pricing themselves out of the market and that La Leche has a lot more work to do?
posted by Gucky at 11:57 AM on June 29, 2005

Maybe the Dept of Homeland Security is planning on making shoplifting baby formula an act of domestic terrorism so that the perpetrators can be held indefinitely. Justify more wire taps, etc.
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Um, what?

You do realize that huge portions of the Middle East are neither Arab nor Israeli, riiiiight?

Nobody said anything about Israel, or Arabs, except you.
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You do realize that huge portions of the Middle East are neither Arab nor Israeli, riiiiight?

Really? I had no idea. I'll have to tell my family and friends in Iran about this.

My point, though poorly made, was that nobody has stated that the actual recipients of the funds were in fact Arab terror groups. The FBI and others have made only vague statements like "a middle eastern man" and "the money went to countries where hizbullah and hamas operate" No one has said the cash went to Hamas, as far as their statements go, it could have gone to finance a new KFC in Tel Aviv. Hamas operates in Israel in case we've forgotten. I would guess that they just don't have enough evidence to pin it on these groups and so they are making general statements and playing on the public's lack of knowledge.
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