avast ye maties! set sail for the milky way, yarr!
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Cosmos 1 is officially lost! However, fellow solar sailors, it's not too late to buy a t-shirt. I, however, can't help but focus my attention on this educational BBC News article; I believe I'm having some sort of pavlovian response to that last diagram, but thankfully it seems I'm not the first solar sailing pervert out there.
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I feel somewhat obliged to include a link to the original Cosmos 1 mefi post.
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SPACE BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBssssssss! That diagram says counter-clockwise for the right boob and clockwise for the left, I wonder what their rationale is?

Apropos of nothing, I like it when NASA types say "re-entry". It always makes me smile and think about sex.
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Thats a damn shame...
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Uh huh huh... uh huh...
Dude, that diagram made my solar sail pop a fierce tent-pole...
uh huh huh...
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The first thing I thought of was testicles. I'll be back just as soon as I come to terms with my sexuality.
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Too bad it went tits up after launch.
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joelf! that is hilarious!! (link to the lecture) -- I can't imagine seeing that in a class and not bursting out in laughter!
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[this is sad]
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tough titty
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joelf wins!
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I recall hearing that one of the stage boosters failed - does anyone know the concrete reason why an old ICBM (?) was used instead of a 'standard' booster (cost?)?
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Damn, that shirt is snazzy.
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You realize that looks like tits, right?

I, too, saw a scrotum.

We should do a poll.
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