How's the water?
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David Foster Wallace's commencement speech at Kenyon University
Please don't worry that I'm getting ready to lecture you about compassion or other-directedness or all the so-called virtues. This is not a matter of virtue. It's a matter of my choosing to do the work of somehow altering or getting free of my natural, hard-wired default setting which is to be deeply and literally self-centered and to see and interpret everything through this lens of self.
The author of Infinite Jest attempts to explain what is wrong with your brain's default settings.
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that was quite good. DFW is quite an impressive guy in general. few people can get me excited to read about tennis.
posted by spiderwire at 5:37 PM on June 29, 2005

I got to admit, that was pretty good. But what's with the uber-heavy graduation speeches? Steve Jobs' speech was a bit of a bummer as well. On the other hand, I bet Bill Cosby has em rollin' in the aisles.
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Jesus H. Christ, that is a marvelous speech, far more worthy of wide dissemination than that "sunscreen" claptrap of years past. Wallace - despite languagehat's scathing and dead-on indictment* - remains a masterful and amazing writer and thinker, and we are lucky to have him.

*which I printed out and re-read obsessively way way way before I became a member here.
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Feels odd reading something by DFW without endnotes.
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Incredible. As insightful as anything I've ever read, I think. Thanks.
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Is DFW Buddhist?
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Days like this when I love the MeFi. Thanks for sharing.
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wonderful! : >

(of course, you can't really tell anyone--especially at their own graduation--that the world doesn't revolve around them--they have to figure it out for themselves or have it beaten into them)
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I love me some DFW. When I went to a book signing of his, I was initially gonna just have him sign my copy of his latest book, but then I remembered I was wearing my beloved army fatigue jacket that had been autographed by Lars Ulrich and Jason Newstead after a show at Uniondale back in '91 so I asked him to sign that, too. After seeing the huge "METALLICA," logo across the shoulder he chiseled "David Foster Wallace on Zither" in sharpie. Since then that jacket has been signed by Douglas Coupland, Tom Perrotta, Kinky Friedman, Chinga Chavin, & Ratso Sloman. Once Richard Price signs it, it will be complete. It is already the coolest jacket in the world.
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Damn. Just read it again. I wish you way more than luck. We're a lucky culture to have this guy among us.
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Aww, did he have to say "bullshit?" That's the second commencement speech I've seen or heard with that in it...

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Go Lords! (and Ladies!)
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Brilliant! Thanks for posting this
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Wow. That was amazing. Thanks, Edible Energy. V. much appreciated.
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This is water.
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What everyone else said. Awesome.

Almost every time, he starts with these left-field bits, like randomly plunked notes or something, and you're like, Can this guy even play that thing? And then a wee melody emerges, then another, a counter-harmony, and by the end he hits this spectacular invented-out-of-thin-air crescendo that leaves me speechless, mouth agape, truly awestruck.

Oh and bashos_frog?

Is DFW Buddhist?

He might as well be.
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Kenyon College.
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I was lucky enough to be in the front row for this one.

And yeah, it was twice as great as it sounds because you could just feel the parents/families in the audience tensing up with his use of language and life experience. A great time was had by all.

And xowie's right, we aren't quite big enough to be a uni quite yet :)
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The middle bit about not automatically perceiving the strangers around you as fat, dull oafs reminded me of the piece about the monkeysphere I saw on, oh, some blog or other somewhere.
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My first reaction to this was "Geez, I know a few people who could stand to read this." Then I realized that I'd kind of missed the point thinking that way.

Great piece.
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That is a good speech; if I ever had to talk to a bunch of kids graduating from college I'd just read that one to them (with a tip o' the hat to DFW). Having to do without his footnotes and other stylistic tics does wonders for his writing, in my opinion.

Thanks for the kind words, Optimus Chyme. As I tried to make clear in that essay/rant, I respect the man's writing, just not his attempt to pass off his default ideas about language as Truth.
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No footnotes?
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I think some of his tics are in full force in that speech though. Wallace, bless him, repeats himself all the fucking time. For instance, the water joke is from a previous work of his, and the bit about cliches having some monstrous underlying Truth is a staple of his; I think it's in "Good Old Neon" and IJ and one or more of the essays in A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again. He loves that one.

Now I know why.
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Simplistic, but well done. I was expecting a bit more for a commencement address.

gompa is right on. The basic thesis: be mindful; transcend your ego; personal desire causes suffering. Buddhism 101.
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Even though I'm finishing a degree, I don't get a commencement speech this time around. So many thanks, Edible Energy, for filtering this out of the net. Made my day.
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