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Put your mettle to the pedal: A website with maps of bike routes around the country, along with GPS points. via Linkfilter.
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Unless I'm missing something, this is a website SELLING maps.

The only free maps I saw were on roughly a 1" = 200 miles scale.

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Gee, now I feel bad. The maps are eight bucks, big guy. If that's offensively high, I'm sorry. The nonprofit I'm working for is gearing up to sell maps, and that sounds cheap to me.

Think of it this way: you can spend no bucks on maps, and get lost, or most likely not go, or you can drop a few bucks on the maps and have a well-planned trip.

The GPS points, however, are free. Free, free, free. That and about a hundred bucks for a GPS...wait.
posted by atchafalaya at 2:43 PM on July 3, 2005

I looked, but it only appeared to have bike routes for a foreign country.
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I'm not sure this post is really MeFi front page material as is, so let me provide a little more context. Having used Adventure Cycling's maps extensively, I think they're far and away the very best way to bike tour in the United States.

I'm also a member of the organization. I've been to their home office in lovely Missoula MT and they are very very cool people - in addition to their mapping biz, they run tours and are active participants in bike advocacy around the country.
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Say it ain't so, sal!
Mind you, the internets are a very big place, apparently even europe has an internet now!

On that european internet, there's an interactive cycle map of britain, and some free maps, too.

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Hey, to derail (or re-rail) a little bit -- are there places one can buy cycling maps of Europe analogous to Adventure Cycling's maps of the US? That is... nicely put-together, turn-by-turn maps sized to fit in a touring map case? If they're printed on waterproof material like the AC maps that would be even better.
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Oh, and maps for Australia / NZ too...
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atchafalaya, three years ago someone showed me a map by these guys and I've been trying to remember the name of the company and their wonderful, wonderful maps ever since.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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Wow Dash, maybe Sal and you can bike together since you're both in the UK? Just a thought.
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Here's a very incomplete list of route/cue sheets hosted by local cycling clubs. For many parts of the country, you can discover fantastic rides described on the local cycling club website. The League of American Bicyclists used to have a good directory of recreational clubs — but it looks like they've really crapped up this feature, which will no longer even find the best group in the Bay Area.

Google your area, or get to your statewide bike advocacy group via the LAB site and hope they have a good directory. Some at-a-glance national directories: 1, 2.
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of course, here in kansas city, bike routes generally consist of the shortest way to ride your hog from your house to the house o' bud light.
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Oh! You got it Kev. Nice one.
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Let us link to more free maps.
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- Cycle Europe Map: Netherlands - Belgium - Luxembourg
- Cycle Europe Map: France - Spain - Portugal
- Cycle Europe Map: Germany - Austria - Switzerland
and more on the same site.
You'll also find cycle tracks marked in most ordinary maps, like the Michelin. Also, where to find maps country by country.
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