Obituaries of the Future
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Obituaries of the Future An example: June 5, 2019. Bush – George W. (72), the 43rd president of the United States, was struck down “in action” early yesterday morning from injuries sustained during a failed one-man invasion of Mexico. Write your own!
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(Not to be confused with real future obituaries such as those featured previously in this space.)
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October 23, 2018. Rove, Karl (68), advisor to President Bush (jr), died of AIDS related complications in Levinworth Federal Penitentiary. Rove is remembered as the first "Co-president" and leaker of CIA Agent Valerie Plame's identity.
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August 23, 2023: All over the country today, many thousands of women and men of a certain age were suddenly killed as their injections of Ratox™, a next-generation Botox, exploded due to the extreme heat afflicting the entire country. Apparently, the continued temperatures of 120 degrees and above caused the toxins in the cosmetic treatments to reactivate.
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December 22, 2050. Cruise, Tom (88), noted actor and head case, died early this morning from complications due to consuming his own head. He was, according to his publicist, "an absolute fucking nutjob." Services will be held at the Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles. Free auditing after ceremony.
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July 1, 2055. Natalee Holloway (68), previously thought to be murdered in the island nation of Aruba in 2005, revealed herself in a Brazillian hospital two weeks ago. Holloway died of pneumonia caused by complications resulting from the HIV Virus. She is survived by her husband, eight children, and nineteen grandchildren.
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Better title for this FPP:
"Openthread: Make an obit to show who you hate"
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XQUZYPHYR : Best burn ever........
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he totally was begging for that one.
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July 6, 2005, 5:21 PM PST. 9622 v.2 expired, surprisingly enough, of natural causes. Though some felt it more likely that the thread would have been snuffed prematurely or collapsed under its own weight, it survived its full lifespan naturally and remained quite healthy and active to the end. Now, it belongs to the ages.
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Web 2.0 went to be with the Lord after losing a brave battle with XMLHttpRequest. It is survived by Bill Gates, Dave Winer, Steel Turdman, the Zodiac child molester and several bloggers on recumbent bikes with cameras.
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Jan 15, 2063 - Walt Disney, creator of some of the most beloved children's characters of our time, has passed away again at the age of 162. Disney first died in 1966 but was cryogenically reborn last month to great fanfare. Upon leaving the facility where he laid for nearly 100 years, Disney was struck by a hovercraft and died at the scene. He leaves behind, well.... no one really.
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Michael Savu, d. July 10th 2005. Died of embarassment at realizing that he was immortalized on
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XQUZYPHYR: Flippin' sweet!
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The stick finally breached the colon wall.

Dammit, not only is that a flawless sentence, but I laughed so hard my coworkers now believe I am an idiot. And it's not really funny when you say it out loud. Dammit. Argh. Heh.
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That WAS exceptionally well-written... cheers to XQUZYPHYR!
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sounds tagline-classic to me...
MetaFilter: The stick finally breached the colon wall.
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Ooooo Can I get in on the hatin'?

Jan 21, 2015: Paris Hilton, famous writer/actress/socialite/model/designer/porno star died suddenly when her body inexplicably and violently rejected all her implants/transplants/fake body parts. She is survived by her dog, Tinkerbell, and her two adopted children, Paris Too and Paris Lite.
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