Feel the machine
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The Chalet's video (Quicktime, direct link) for their song "Feel the Machine" is a great, playful interaction between computer interface tropes (icons, scroll bars, arrows) and a live performance. via
posted by jonson (7 comments total)
Why, why did they have to include "whoa wuh-oh wuh-oh" as a lyric?
posted by ddf at 4:37 PM on July 6, 2005

Why, also, didn't the guy holding the mouse pull their clothes off?
posted by interrobang at 4:40 PM on July 6, 2005

... Why are they still using Mac OS 8 (or 9)?
posted by bugmuncher at 4:45 PM on July 6, 2005

Some pleasing indie-corporate retro glam-pop eye candy. And the visuals were pretty neat, too.

If it makes me nostalgic for the 80s, is it doing its job?
posted by Eideteker at 5:04 PM on July 6, 2005

I want to feel her machine.
posted by Baby_Balrog at 5:29 PM on July 6, 2005

Started out promising, but ran out of steam. Nice visuals, but they could've done much more with it.
posted by zardoz at 5:45 PM on July 6, 2005

I thought it was great. We need a new B-52s, and this will do fine.
posted by fungible at 6:55 PM on July 7, 2005

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