Explosion on tube in London
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Explosion on tube in London There's been an explosion on the tube in London near Liverpool Street and reports of a bus exploding. The entire tube has been shut down. The explosion was originally blamed on a power surge but that is becoming unclear now.
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Local tv reports a bus also exploded, ruling out the accident hypothesis
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Oh no. I'm keeping all of our London Mefites and their loved ones in my thoughts.
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They may be unrelated. In the first half-hour or so of a major news event, the Internet is not a timely source. Television probably is. I'm not seeing very much on any of the news sources available on the net that I can frind from London.

I'm only seeing one possible fatality in reports so far.

I don't watch television, I don't even have an antenna hooked up, much less cable, so I rely on the net for all of my daily news. I'm always frustrated with a major event at first. After, say, two hours, there usually is a lot of information available and at that point, often by keeping an eye on a bunch of different sources you can then stay ahead of what most people know using traditional media.
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Skynews reporting explosive devices found on railways
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Everything is down. Mobile networks are down, I can't get any radio over the internet and the BBC is still reporting 'power surges'. I can hear ambulances going past my window. I am sitting here in central London and don't know anything, so if anyone knows anything can they report?

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This no double-post call out but it might be good if we confine info updates to the first thread for clarity's sake.
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I work at the Royal London Hospital (in a totally non-medical capacity) in the east end and it's MADNESS right now, helicopters and ambulances streaming in and out. They wouldn't let staff in, we had to go around to our offices in the back.
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been watching the news in the office, confirmed reports of explosions on 3 buses. One of the tube explosions has been reported as an explosive device. Police are still concerned at the possibility of further explosions. GNER have cancelled all London trains with more cancellations to follow I'm sure.
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(unconfirmed-filter) now reporting 3 buses and 6 tube stations - my normal journey to work at that time in that area, working elsewhere today - very worrying.... Olympics yesterday, G8 today, coincidence?
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It might have made more sense for a terrorist attack before the olympic announcement, though maybe it was delayed for some reason, around G8 certainly makes sense.
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Please _use the other thread_!
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Up-to-the-second info: here
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SharQ, you self-linking opportunist twat. If all of your reports weren't timed some 5-10 minutes after the information appeared here, I might give you the time of day. At the moment, you're no better than someone going through the pockets of the dead.
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reports saying mobile network has been disabled to prevent the further triggering of explosions. whole tube and zone 1 bus network shutdown.
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Blair just stated "it is reasonably clear that these were terrorist attacks planed to coincide with the G8"
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Use the earlier thread!
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it was insane. I took the tune and on the platform we heard EVERYONE GET OFF THE STATION NOW. tried to get the bus which arrived in front of the train station at kings cross, but all buses were evacuated, people were wandering around, ambulances rushing everywhere.

I am really worried about the political outcome, this is not looking good at all.
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At the moment, you're no better than someone going through the pockets of the dead.

Because if we can't compare a self-link to the violation of a corpse, the terrorists have already won.
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