July 9, 2005 10:21 AM   Subscribe is an interactive online guide to the neurological examination. [Via Mind Hacks.]
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Videos don't seem to be working right now. Still very cool, thanks.
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I had to memorize all the functions and locations of the cranial nerves and the ways in which you tested whether they worked, and all that. Of course, now I've forgotten - and I wish I hadn't, because that was probably the most practical knowledge I could have gotten from that class. Thanks for the reminder!
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Interesting link! The neurologist gave my dad a lot of these tests (finger-nose-finger) after his stroke. It's intriguing to read exactly what the doctor is looking for and why they administer specific tests.
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Actually very useful info. Thanks.
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Ah, that's nice.

It took me my first year as a neurology resident to feel like I could actually do a neuro exam - it's a non-trivial skill, you can't learn it from watching these movies - but you can get an idea of the sort of things we look for. I approve.
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I'm applying for Social Security Disability due to a neurological disorder. Last week they sent me to a marriage counselor (I'm not married) for a Mental Exam (their terminology).

Anyway, a fun question I was asked was "what are the similarities between a dog and a lion?"

I answered (and so did a friend who I went to an Ivy League college with, and in the same order): they're both mammals, have four legs, and have fur.

My son, who has paranoid schizophrenia answered "they both have snouts".

Wish I knew what the answers meant, but it's kind of fun at family dinners, the water cooler, etc.

Also, reminiscent of a little scandal a number of years ago in the NYC school system, a question on a fifth grade test was "what is a synonym for frog." Never found out what those answers might have meant either.
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