November 18, 2000
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Yet another reason the Canadian Aliiance party can go f*** themselves.
posted by PWA_BadBoy (5 comments total)
I can't believe this bigoted party can have such strong support in as culturally diverse country as Canada. I thought Canadians were proud of their multiculturalism.

And to think they're the next most popular party behind the Liberal Party in this country. Be scared. Be very scared.
posted by PWA_BadBoy at 11:04 AM on November 18, 2000

Contact Betty Granger directly.
posted by PWA_BadBoy at 1:18 PM on November 18, 2000

All the more reason to VOTE! Sadly, since she's running in Alberta, she has a good chance of winning.
posted by jmcnally at 9:25 PM on November 18, 2000

Winnipeg is in Manitoba.
posted by cardboard at 6:38 AM on November 19, 2000

And she just resigned from the Alliance for making those remarks. Reminder: the beliefs of an individual member do not necessarily represent the beliefs of the party. Contrary to popular belief, the Alliance does not have the monopoly on morons.
posted by kaefer at 9:10 AM on November 20, 2000

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