Just when you thought it was safe outside.
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"A vampire has been arrested in Ukraine after luring street children into her home for their blood. Diana Semenuha, 29, believed that drinking blood could fend off a muscle-wasting condition."

Ummm...WTF? It appears to be real, even if all the news outlets seem to have cookie-cutter stories. (Although wiccan sites appear to be tracking it too.) I'm well aware that there are practicing witches all over the world, but vampires are usually just an item of historical lore or science-fiction/fantasy. How often do stories like this really happen? (via)
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...Hansel? HANSEL!?.... Hansel?
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And people keep telling me there's no such thing as demon possession. Wake up, people! Accept Jesus as your personal savior and this won't happen to you.

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Ok, that's just freaky. And who knew there was such a market for blood?
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Man, I got all sorts of blood just sitting here. Can I get some phone numbers?
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The Prince isn't going to happy about this...

/too much Vampire: The Masquerade
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"I let them sniff glue, but I paid for it and took a small amount of blood in return," she said. "But there was no violence involved, I also fed them and gave them shelter."

C'mon, she fed them and sheltered them, what's the problem here?
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"Police fear that she could escape prosecution for corrupting minors and plying them with alcohol because the seven children found at her home have since escaped from care and gone back on the streets."

Guess the U.S. isn't so different from Ukraine after all....
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I remember a show a couple of years ago, possibly on the Discovery Channel, that interviewed modern-day "vampires" that drank people's blood. If I remember correctly, though, they usually had willing "victims". (Ick!)

Wikipedia entry on the "vampire lifestyle". Hee! Psionic vampires.
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Aw, let the poor witch lady drink street children's blood ...
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they had a CSI vampire episode, season one or two, right?

also, didn't Mulder date a vampire once?
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*Will Sacrifice Blood for Food*
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matteo: I'm not sure about the 'dating a vampire' thing but there was an episode where Mulder and Scully encountered an entire town of vampires. Scully almost made out with one, particularly, attractive one - before she caught on.
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That's fucked up right there.
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These "lifestyles" are getting out of hand. I'm not condemning them, now, just ridiculing them. I can just decide that I'm a vampire, a squirrel, a trisexual, a monopolist, or a master of the flying guillotine?

That's adorable.
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I bet she has the aids!
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No aids, virgin blood only.
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