Holy car!
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The Omkara Project "..the word Omkara meaning - ' the vehicle to cross the ocean of life ' Crossing this ocean is the journey that the mortal being must undertake in a lifetime and henceforth encounter the three basic elements of mortality - creation, preservation and destruction."
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oops, my karma ran over my dogma.
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Life is a metaphor.
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Goddamn hippies...
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A metaphor for the life experience that has some appeal to me:

A school for the blind which educates one to embrace nine sensitivities while grasping for truth in, and celebrating, each moment:
(1) gratitude for freedom; (2) enjoyment of freedom; (3)
recognition of oneness in oneself together with everything; (4) focus upon "anything can happen;" (5) practice of moderation; (6) sacrifice of one's actions; (7) service of friendship; (8) surrender of base desires; and (9) synergy with the will of higher power.

Having said this, I still think it is wrong to try to organize truth, to seek to make anyone a follower of one's insights or to be oneself a follower of any group or person.

Ozzie Maland
San Diego
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oops, my karma ran over my dogma.

That left me laughing for quite some time, nickyskye.
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I can't get the pages to render in Firefox, which is too bad since I like the look of the car on the front page.
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