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Hate pays: The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" have - it seems - never quite died, and Bartholomew's Notes on Religion details the recrudescence of the Russian Orthodox anti-Semitic right. Meanwhile, in the USA, talk show host MSNBC rewards Jay Severin for his apparent call for the slaughter of American Muslim citizens with a spot alongside bowtie-sporting Tucker Carlson. Hate pays.
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Man kills waitress over letter to the editor.

Eliminationism: the belief that one can kill people for their beliefs or political actions.
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Um, was that last link supposssed to link to something else? As it is, you're self-linking to an old FPP made by yourself that only has half to do with your statement.
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At the very least, much of the world seems jaded to other's hateful behavior, until of course they get swept into that hate.

[By the way, that last link is to rather than so you show up logged out unless you have separately logged into .org.]
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I hate to have to admit it but hate DOES pay. Too bad about the victims who must pay the price.
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[By the way, that last link is to rather than so you show up logged out unless you have separately logged into .org.]

I changed the .org to .com in the FPP

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Jessamyn - thanks.

barjo - what I want to know is, did Severin quit, or was he canned ? Apparently, Jay's turned to questioning the war in Iraq - calling it a "quagmire" .

I'd love to know the truth.

"July 17, 2005 -- JAY Severin has vanished from MSNBC's new "The Situation with Tucker Carlson." Sources say Severin, a conservative who hosts a radio talk show in Boston, didn't enjoy the commute from his home in Sag Harbor to the TV show's studio in New Jersey - especially when he saw how low Carlson's ratings were. Severin, who has a wife and young daughter, was also promised a state-of-the-art studio where he could do his radio show on the days when he was on TV, but MSNBC didn't deliver. Severin's departure leaves humorless Air America host Rachel Maddow as the breakout star on Carlson's daily panel. "

"Eliminationism: the belief that one can kill people for their beliefs or political actions." - Warbaby, that fits pretty well.

BTW, that's Dave Niewert's beat over on Orcinus.
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My new word of the day: recrudescence.
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Since this thread is so lame, I thought I'd plug Will Eisner's final work, The Plot, an excellent graphic novel history of the vile Protocols. Eisner, of course, was the brilliant artist who created The Spirit and went on to invent the graphic novel.
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Will Eisner's posthumous work may end up being as significant as his prior body of work. He cut new ground on The Plot, since it is documentary / historical.
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Syrian Protocols
Protocols in Egypt
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Man, wish I hated somebody. I could use the money.
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ori - the continued worldwide demand for the "Protocols" seems to be steady enough to support a small dedicated publishing business.
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You hear echoes of the Protocols almost daily in the attacks on George Soros, and in Blankley and Ann Coulter's columns, among others.
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I asked my wife if she was roasting up small children, for dinner, on the sly.

She said no.

So I checked her head for horns - even tiny ones, nubs even. I figured that, since she's a Cohain, she'd have especially pronounced horns.

But I found nothing.

I had to conclude that I was married to a non-demon, a mere human who happened to be Jewish. I have to admit that I was a bit titillated by the idea of being married to a demon, but demons can get out of hand too - it's in their nature - and so I was in the end content to know that I shared my bed with a female of the species Homo Sapiens.
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