You can get it if you really want, but you must pray, pray and pray......
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Birth of Clinton Cargo Cult [ wikipedia: what's a cargo cult ? In short, yearning for Clinton-era economic prosperity got cultified. ]...OK. Here's the rap : Any day, Jesus Christ will return in a space ship bringing news that Bill Clinton signed a secret law in 2000 abolishing the IRS. The law, NESARA , "would expose the "Republican Party" for what they are: literally reptile space aliens posing as fiscal conservatives......And thus was a new religion born....Some people have asked, 'Why does Jesus need a spaceship'?". There's a NESARA documentary, and NESARA holds its own DC rallies. Story courtesy of John Gorenfeld, a noted authority on Lunar anomalies.
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OK, posing as fiscal conservatives is dead on. The rest I'll have to think about.
posted by trondant at 10:55 PM on July 27, 2005

Appparently some people really do believe in NESERA. Wow.
posted by thedevildancedlightly at 11:15 PM on July 27, 2005

Since when have Republicans posed as fiscal conservatives? All I hear out of them now is they're going to halve the deficit by 2009 (t'ya-right).

Not that Clinton and the dems in '93 didn't do much more than luck out on an economy ready to boom, bigtime (though the spending restraint shown 1993-1998 (?) was commendable).
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As a lover of all UFO cults, I have to say, this is positively golden. Wow. Thanks for the post, troutfishing.
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As an avid student of the strange wierd underbelly of religion
,movements, cults, golden age theories, and all things strange I've run accross this Nesara stuff before but I didn't realize how many folks had actually got suckered into this cluster f..k. Great post Troutfishing.
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I suppose by "fiscal consevative" you mean "spend the fuck" of my money and "conserve with the clench of a nuetron star" of theirs.

You know: tax and horde.
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Ok, how many of you thought about Buckaroo Bonzai when reading troutfishing's post? John Smallberries where are you?
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This one manages to combine Jesus, UFOs, and tax-protester scams - apparently any resultant lack of believability is more than compensated for by the deliciousness of it to believers. This seems much more like a joke than a "real" scam, the way it combines elements - I mean, I still can't really concieve of it any other way.
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What does God need with a starship?
posted by Snyder at 1:31 AM on July 28, 2005

OK, reptile space aliens is dead on. The rest I'll have to think about.
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Please refer to for enlightenment. Everything noted in the article MUST BE TRUE since I can find collaborating evidence on the internet.
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When I was a journalist I dealth with a number of people with, uh, interesting views... but these guys? Wow. Just wow.
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This is a really good find. Thanks for posting this.
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Do they have a ritual where they stick cigars in unlikely places?
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This is great! First thing when I get home, I'm going to convert my car to get out from under the thumb of the same petroleum conglomerate that's been keeping NESERA down.

Look at all the diagrams! It must be scientific. Plus, they assure me it's been checked out by an expert technologist.
posted by Mayor West at 6:43 AM on July 28, 2005

Gee, I was waiting for a Disney character returning as the anti-christ but this is much better. Gollllllleeeeeee ! ! !
posted by mk1gti at 6:59 AM on July 28, 2005

Cargo Cultist, in ceremonial garb:

posted by troutfishing at 7:04 AM on July 28, 2005

I like how you can use "Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express card to fund your donation to Fourwinds". Because after NESARA is implemented, all credit card debt will be abolished immediately! Yippee!
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This seems much more like a joke than a "real" scam

But then, L. Ron Hubbard's scam started out as a bet ...

Do they have a ritual where they stick cigars in unlikely places?
posted by Goofyy at 9:07 AM EST

You've been cheating on us and attending the meetings, haven't you? Cigars. Yum!
posted by nofundy at 7:57 AM on July 28, 2005

Troutfishing, is that emblem on that guy's chest a Wu-Tang clan emblem?
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I thought at first this had to be a joke. But then I got 36, 900 hits for a Google search (that I restricted to results in English in case "nesara" means something in say Czech or Swahili), and I found NESARA has its own Wikipedia article.
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I goofed: that Nesara Wikipedia article refers to a proposal for legislation that has not yet actually been introduced by Congress (though nuttier laws have been proposed and passed with ease). There's also a Wikipedia article devoted to the NESARA conspiracy theory; see its history page.
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Balisong - Nope. I think that guy predates Wu-Tang by a bit.

I wish I had one of those suits.

Just walking down main street would be a party.
posted by troutfishing at 11:16 AM on July 28, 2005

(Prior cargo cult threads: 1, 2)
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