ELECTION: Live coverage of (what's left of) the Florida hearing.
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ELECTION: Live coverage of (what's left of) the Florida hearing. I heard a solution I could live with: machine recount all the Florida ballots, and hand count anything that bounces. Came from the Bush camp, surprisingly enough.
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That's more or less what Gore proposed last week. Amazing!
posted by dhartung at 7:44 PM on November 20, 2000

I don't know that the FSC has the jurisdiction to do it... but I suspect they pretty much have the jurisdiction to do any damn thing they please.

An appeal could be made to the SCOTUS, but I suspect they'd bounce it: it *is* a state election: you're electing *electors*, not a federal officer.

A flash of light: *that's* why you don't elect the president directly: it would then not be a state-jurisdiction election.
posted by baylink at 1:54 PM on November 21, 2000

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