Pepsi Bloodhound?
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The Bloodhound Gang is attempting to change the state song of Pennsylvania (right in time to support their new album, of course). Is this the Bloodhound Gang's actual attempt at being clever/helpful to the peeps of PA to change this song or is it the band's shameless buzz marketing campaign? (Ooooh... Hooray for Viral! (flash)) Well, it's working for this guy at least... Listen to the song here (only mildly annoying pop up) or download it here ... /me feels dirty. Who has a Pepsi Blue? Or Green?
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Answer: the band's shameless buzz marketing campaign

(well... you asked ;))

The golden mantra of advertising:

No press is bad press. Everything else is gravy. :)
posted by cavalier at 7:10 AM on July 29, 2005

The Bloodhound Gang's Jimmy Pop states, "Pennsylvania sucks. Pennsylvania's current state song sucks. I can change the latter."

If this is an improvement the current Pennsylvania state song must REALLY suck. It must be super size of suck.
posted by three blind mice at 7:21 AM on July 29, 2005

Why won't Margera and all his little clones/wank buddies just fuck off and die?
posted by jackiemcghee at 7:31 AM on July 29, 2005

Bloodhound Gang was around and popular before anyone knew who Margera was.

They're an awesome band, and hilarious, if a bit over the top with their vulgarity (that's the point though)...

And frankly, as much as I have no desire to meet him, I find Margera pretty damn amusing as far as television is concerned... However, despite his popularity, I would never consider Bloodhound Gang his "clones/wank buddies"...
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The Bloodhound Gang. Are. Not. Funny.

Never. Have. Been.

"Do it like on the Discovery Channel" Is that was passes for humor in this country? Howard Stern is wittier.
posted by fungible at 7:58 AM on July 29, 2005

I don't think they're actually trying to change the state song. Instead, they're trying to sucker people into talking about them after their careers went downhill.

Why in the hell did you post this?
posted by cmonkey at 8:03 AM on July 29, 2005

Stupid. Horrible.
posted by prostyle at 8:06 AM on July 29, 2005

The Bloodhound Gang. Are. Not. Funny.

"You're Pretty When I'm Drunk," was hilarious.
posted by jonmc at 8:08 AM on July 29, 2005

Witty and funny are different things.

The idea of writing a state song that accurately reflects the lameness of your homestate is funny. It's not like cutting edge gonzo comedy or anything, but it's amusing. Starting the song with "We are Cop Rock/We are Screech" made me laugh, but then the song has no good turning point where the point is made of "Yeah, we suck, but at least we have [whatever] going for us", so it just becomes a bit of a one-trick-pony (and one that sounds like a Blink 182 reject to boot).

Disclaimer: I don't even know what a "wawa" is, girl.
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posted by jonmc at 8:13 AM on July 29, 2005

Wawa is the awesomeness.....

in all honesty i have never ever been to a better gas station chain, from the sub counter with tasty subs to the crucial design layout every wawa i have ever visited is the shiznitus.

now on to blood hound gang,

as jonmc pointed out "you're pretty when i'm drunk" is pretty decent. I also enjoy "the lapdance is always better when the stripper is crying." and "the inevitable return of the great white dope."

I think the lyrics from the latter song, part fuhrer part pope, the inevitable return of the great white dope have a more humorous connotation now than when the song came out..... ahh bush as a religious hitler...
posted by sourbrew at 8:21 AM on July 29, 2005

"I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks," is funny as hell, too.
posted by jonmc at 8:26 AM on July 29, 2005

cmonkey... just to see posts like yours! (I'm in the mood for some abuse today... might even call the exgf later just for kicks)
posted by AspectRatio at 8:33 AM on July 29, 2005

Wawa rules, Sheetz drools.

"Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel?" Not in Penn's Woods, mes amies.
posted by hifiparasol at 8:39 AM on July 29, 2005

What a shite song. Not that the present state song is anything to write home about but...if you're going to viral market, make it have a point, or at least be amusing. I've lived in PA my whole life and never even heard that we had a state song. (This could possibly be due to being a Philadelphian, and thus a bit removed from the rest of the state.) And this isn't even a one-trick pony. The pony didn't pull off the trick, period, with the bizarre little "We are [something that sucks and simultaneously makes no sense]."

On the plus side, I can now conclusively say that Bloodhound Gang sucks.

(Wawa, on the other hand, remains the shizznit. Nobody beats their coffee.)
posted by kalimac at 8:44 AM on July 29, 2005

I'm not a Pennsylvanian, but I went to college there, and can testify that a fresh Wawa Italian cold cut sub at 3 in the morning is evidence that God exists and is merciful. Plus, "Lift Your Head Up High and Blow Your Brains Out" contains some of my favorite lyrics ever: "Life is short and hard / Like a bodybuilding elf."
posted by Faint of Butt at 8:53 AM on July 29, 2005

Oh, I'm not abusing you, AspectRatio. This post just makes me think that you work for their record company or something.
posted by cmonkey at 8:58 AM on July 29, 2005

Wawa, oh sweet Wawa, how you took me by the hand and helped me put on 20lbs. Sweet, bountiful Wawa.
posted by ob at 9:00 AM on July 29, 2005

The Bloodhoung Gang??

Wow... is it '96 again?

Hey look... P.M. Dawn!!!
posted by BobFrapples at 9:17 AM on July 29, 2005

*snorts milk due to BobFrapples*
posted by cavalier at 10:36 AM on July 29, 2005

cmonkey... I hear you, but I couldn't resist posting (although, like I said, I feel dirty spreading it). I'm always amazed by some of these new marketing campaigns that are so blatantly trying to be covert.

BTW... sellout doesn't seem to get tagged onto bands these days like it used to, ya know? Is it because EVERY band does it now?
posted by AspectRatio at 10:51 AM on July 29, 2005

Say what you like about the BHG, at least they don't have any pretensions. Are they juvenile? Yup. Vulgar? check. Frat boy material? Yessirre Bob. But they also write some great lyrics and are occasionally laugh out loud funny. That being said, viral marketing should crawl back into the sewers and die.
posted by cosmicbandito at 11:05 AM on July 29, 2005

I kinda like them -- I'm not sure if I'll pick up the new record when it comes out (maybe used), but One Fierce Beer Coaster and Hooray for Boobies had a pretty good rotation on my CD player for a while (never really got into Use Your Fingers as much, though, but it's got some great songs, as, jonmc mentions, "You're Pretty When I'm Drunk"). I don't really listen to them much anymore, but I've got their albums ripped, so when they come up on shuffle, it's pretty cool.
posted by Rev. Syung Myung Me at 11:58 AM on July 29, 2005

Good for the BHG for stirring things up a bit in PA. That is Jimmy Pop's home state, which is probably one of the reasons for his involvement to change the state song.
posted by echolex at 12:05 PM on July 29, 2005

I've lived in PA my whole life and never even heard that we had a state song.

I had not idea. But I do know we have a state bird: the ruffed grouse. Not ruffLed. Just ruffed.
posted by jrossi4r at 12:09 PM on July 29, 2005

This could possibly be due to being a Philadelphian, and thus a bit removed from the rest of the state

Right on about that, kalimac. I'm a Philadelphian who has worked in a few places in western PA, and can attest to the fact that, for one reason or another, the folks who live out there aren't fans of the COBL.

I also never knew PA had a state song. I suppose I always assumed it was either "You've Got a Friend" by James Taylor or "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" by Eric Burdon and the Animals.
posted by hifiparasol at 12:09 PM on July 29, 2005

Also, we have a really kick-ass state insect.

More fun facts about The Keystone State.
posted by hifiparasol at 12:13 PM on July 29, 2005

Part of my 1992 presidential platform was that the National Anthem would change every two weeks, my choice, no debate allowed, and Philadelphia Freedom was first in the rotation. My lack of any other meaningful policies pretty much stopped my campaign from getting beyond one corner of the newsroom.
posted by planetkyoto at 2:32 PM on July 29, 2005

Wow, you guys sure are all really cool. I mean, I had my doubts about what good taste you all had, but so many people falling all over themselves to declare themselves superior to the band in question... that's powerful, it cannot be ignored, and I submit to your sublime, possibly superheroic musical discretion.

But I think I'll keep laughing at dumb jokes anyway.
posted by kevspace at 3:38 PM on July 29, 2005

=O Sublime! I smoke two joints in the morning...
posted by AspectRatio at 4:40 PM on July 29, 2005

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