Big Auroral Show Coming Soon?
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Aurora (Northern/Southern Lights) are one of the most beautiful phenomena of nature. They are normally reserved for those who live nearer the polar latitudes. But occasionally, a massive solar X-Flare (animated) occurs when the "gun barrel" is pointed directly at earth. When that occurs, incredible aurora can be visible as far south as the the Arizona (N. Hemisphere) or as far north as New Zealand and Southern Australia (S. Hemisphere). (Another excellent gallery from May 1, 2005.) We have a good chance for such an event in coming days: Sunspot group 792 has a complicated magnetic field that harbors energy for powerful X-class solar flares. The chance of an Earth-directed explosion is increasing as the sun's rotation turns the active region more and more to face our planet. Stay tuned to and monitor auroral activity or the latest solar events. See also: How to Find a Photograph Aurora.
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ADEC can send you email alerts whenever the Kp index is high enough that aurorae are likely to be visible where you are.
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Thanks for the ADEC link.
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This was super cool. Thanks.
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I could use an editor. (Why do I only see the mistakes on the 5th reading - after posting?)
: \

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Yeah, I've been using ADEC since last fall... it seems to be fairly accurate. Aurora are so sweet, oh man. Thanks for the post!
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this was a surprising coincidence to see on here, as last ngiht, i decided that i was going to try to show my girlfriend something she always wanted by flying us up to a lodge near fairbanks, alaska for a weekend at the end of september to see the northern lights.

i read somewhere though that if you stay in fairbanks for 3 nights, you'll have an 80% chance of seeing'em. i'm going to feel like an idiot if we don't see any during the 2 night-stay. :o(
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Thanks for all the nice gallery links. I was skeptical when I saw a wikipedia link for the lead-off, but this is a good post. DevilsAdvocate-thanks for the ADEC link, I'm going to sign up.
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Good post - here's some aurora borealis from Orkney including a few cows
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If an event does happen this week, the moon will either not be a factor or set very early - which is great! (Moon-shine can wash out aurora). Check moonset times for your location here:
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So great, spock -- I love auroras and very much hope to see one in person someday. I also appreciate the ADEC link, as well as Lanark's link to the wonderful cows of the apocalypse image. Thanks to all!
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Some really nice time lapse videos of auroras at the South Pole ARO lab.

This one really lights up about 45 seconds into it. (WMV file)
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Wow after looking at all these I just have to post a link to this one (WMV link again). complete with iridium flares from the satellite. The laser that pokes up from the lab is the lidar laser NASA has for measuring the stratosphere.
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eeeek! it's the killshot!
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