Urban Dead -- a massively-multiplayer zombie apocalypse game
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Urban Dead is a browser-based, grid-mapped multi-player game where you play the survivor or victim of a zombie outbreak in a quarantined city centre. Tired of playing a pseudo-hero in a fantasy Kingdom of Loathing? Play a scientist, soldier, or ordinary civilian in a modern city, and try to avoid being infected. Or skip the "avoid" phase, and just play a zombie.
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I've tried punching a zombie... well, too many times, and I've missed every time. I'm a cop.
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K... outta action points.
posted by Necker at 9:31 AM on August 1, 2005

Been playing for three weeks. Surviving fairly well and close to grabbing that Zombie Head Hunter skill. Probably another four days or so.

Spend AP well, keep moving, and remember, the game is in-development as we play.
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This is so very, very enjoyable.

Although I really suck as a zombie.
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Am enjoying this, so far, despite not really having seen any action. Are all zombies player characters?
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Dammit, running out of action points is just cruel.
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Strategy tip -- you earn experience points by doing damage. So to get extra experience quicker, buy the skills that give you a bonus to hit. My character who started with a weapon skill is going up a lot faster than my other character who started with "Free Running."
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The best way to level up is actually to use up your AP searching inside a hospital for medkits and healing people next to zombies. You earn 5 XP 100% guaranteed per heal, versus a starting character who has a 25% to hit with a pistol that'll run out of ammo (requiring you to search for more).

If you really want to earn XP through attacks, start out as a fireman, you get a 25% with an axe, no ammo required.

But really, running around as a good samaritan with medkits is the fastest way to level up.
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And yes, all zombies are PCs, there are no NPCs in this game.
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Much goodness. Thanks for the link.
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Monkeys have been plotting for ages - come join us if you like, we have a barricaded HQ and vague plans to either storm the fort or go on a tagging spree.

Personally my main character is terribly stagnant, but my zombie rules. I think the best starting point right now is being able to use the DNA extractors; they're easy to find and you gain lots of XP. I started as a military medic - v. bad move.
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I was just making a few moves and noticed the server was slow, so while I was waiting I went to MeFi and found the explanation.

Anyway, I'm not sure it's actually a very good game, but it is damn addictive.
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Emptying a gun at a zombie and doing basically nothing was extremely dissatisfying. I want to kill at least one zombie on my first turn, damnit!
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I hear ya. I was able to gain one experience point for reading a book. Oddly enough, I read it once and "learned nothing"... read it again for shits n' giggles and actually learned; I learned.
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[this is good!]
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More action points, please.
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Boy am I glad I did my morning run before Metafilter. The server is fried!

And Jon-o, more AP is never going to happen. The design of the game is intentionally slow-paced. Taking out a zombie or a survivor in one run requires keeping the character inactive for at least 24 hours. If you want to do that, hole up somewhere you hope is safe, then come out swinging. Even then, a Level 1 character won't be able to take anyone out.
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I have no idea where to get ammo.
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Oooh, this is fun stuff! Reminds me of ye olde BBS games.
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You can find ammo in police stations, and in pubs. Keep searching, because items never run out in a building.
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"You search and find nothing." Story of my life.
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Can your character be attacked and injured, or even killed, while you're away? Should you always save your last two action points to go to and enter a building? Or is it safe to burn all your action points in a fight, and then leave your character standing there until tomorrow?
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Yep, your character can be chomped at any time. You should always try to get inside, and hopefully make sure the building's doors are closed (1AP) and any dead bodies inside are dragged out in case the player logs back on and reanimates (it took me 1AP to do this once, I've heard it can take more though).
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Urban Dead Yahoo! newsgroup
Urban Dead In-Character newsgroup
Urban Dead Zombies In-Character newsgroup
Urban Dead Necrotech newsgroup - code, bugs, mechanics

Almost all your questions are answered in Urban Dead and Necrotech. The in-character ones are interesting, for those who like to REALLY roleplay.
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Umbert the Undead, here I come!
posted by kaseijin at 1:48 PM on August 1, 2005

I am so in love with this game right now. Although Kingdom of Loathing will still be my #1 love. I'm having way too much fun trying to stay on the leaderboards.
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Unfortunately, I gave up on this after I was zombified and lost the few goodies I had managed to find (a crowbar and a cell phone, I recall). If you run across me still lurching about, my name there was Kabong.

I'm still plugging away (under the more recognizable name yhbc) at this site's predecessor and inspiration, Vampires! The Dark Alleyway, which is a very superficially similar game (same 100 x 100 grid, same slow pace), except there you're a vampire preying on humans (and each other) and trying to find/buy stuff.

The Vampires! site also points out quite clearly that it would be wrong for me to mention my own entryway to the game, because even though I would be credited 10 pints of blood for everyone that clicks that link (and subsequently signs up to play), putting it on a public forum like this is considered link-whoring, so I won't.
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Reminds me of Monarchy Online. I hate games that tell me how much I can play.
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Can you tell if someone needs healing?

Cool game by the way. Thanks for posting.
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Can you tell if someone needs healing?

Yes, if you have the Diagnosis skill.
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