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Below Code. Comatonse Records has been around for a little over 10 years, and to celebrate, the owner, Terre Thaemlitz, put out a free best-of CD. The physical copies are all long-gone, but it's available for download (along with a bonus track that didn't fit on the original disc). Most of the stuff is relatively noisy (and some found sound stuff), but there's some cool electronic type pieces, rock and pop songs and solo piano pieces as well. Also of note is his own personal site, which has links to a lot of cool essays, typically about gender issues and music. (There's also links to images of graphical scores to some of his music.) [Poking around these sites are pretty much NSFW -- the only explicitly NSFW links are on "his own personal site" and "music", but there's quite a few naked people and suchlike around, including on one of the postcards that make up the main link, so, yeah -- take care!]
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The link to Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds alluded to in this post, and the Mefi thread on same.)
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Thanks for the Below Code link. I love almost all of Thaemlitz's work over the years and this is an unexpected treat.
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Love the piano tracks (haven't listened to the others yet).
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Reverend, thanks for the links. I'm a big fan of Thaemlitz's ambient work, and I'm always looking forward to hear new things from artist that "click" in my brain.
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