Wireless Blues!
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Wireless bluetooth headset. Now you can listen to your tunes wireless and with oddly colored teeth! Bonuses including pushing your ears to change songs, like that guy in Empire Strikes Back.
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Wow. So is this some sort of coordinated continuation of five fresh fish's screed? Or just serendipity?
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5 hours battery life with a 2 hour recharge time. Those are like mid-90's kind of numbers. Wasn't bluetooth supposed to be low-power?
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"So if your iPod®, HP iPAQ® or cell phone has Bluetooth and music, use iWiSH to enjoy your music even more."

If your iPod has Bluetooth?
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Wasn't bluetooth supposed to be low-power?

Bluetooth is low-power. But, since those headphones aren't connected to anything to amplify the sound, they would have to have their own amplifiers.
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iPod Bluetooth transmitter.
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Pepsi Bluetooth?

Obligatory, obvious and what-have-you.
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At the risk of derailing this thread, let me interject something not as widely known as the existence of Bluetooth headsets:

"Bluetooth," is named after Harold I of Denmark and his rune has become the logo for Bluetooth technology.

I believe this raises the urgent question of how we should proceed to ensure new technologies are named after our political leaders and represented by snappy corporate logos.
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Bush Electronics uses this logo

(Mars, God of war)

(possibly a complete fabrication)
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I had no idea about the King of Denmark thing. Here I thought the only concern was Prince Albert in a can.
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Here's another reference to the iWish, which looks slightly different from the posted version. It refers to a company called Impulsesoft as the manufacturer, but that company doesn't have this product on its website.

However, I agree with JGreyNemo -- this is a suspiciously shilly post.
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Pepsi comes in a Bluetooth flavor?
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Davy "MeTa."

Oops, yeah, sorry, I shoulda linked that in here as well.
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