Nick Hornby on Hollywood.
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Nick Hornby on Hollywood. The author of High Fidelity talks about its movie adaptation: "It is not possible to extract from the novel its central high-concept idea and chuck the rest away, simply because there is no central high-concept idea. Anyone attempting to do so would find that they had spent a reasonable amount of money on a story about a guy who works in a record store and splits up with his girlfriend."
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What a jolly nice chap.
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I read the book in NZ and saw the movie a fortnight later and loved it. Nick Hornby is right, it didn't matter where it was set - the characters were spot on.

Although now that I'm in London I hope to soon be able to say "I've been in that pub!"
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What a humble, pleasant, well-thought out essay. A pleasure to read.

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Does anyone know if Nick Hornby writes a regular column? I'd love to read more of his work. For those who have read High Fidelity, his other book, About A Boy is just as great.
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