The Way We Were
August 4, 2005 9:03 PM   Subscribe -- Come for the kilroy, stay for the story upon story from a time when the U.S. really was fighting for democracy. (Links upon links too, if that's your thing.)
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Well Hell Yea, that IS my kinda thing! BRING IT ON, well that's what grandpa woulda said. And he was a WWII U.S. Army Muleskinner. No shit. I wish I had a link for that. Great post, btw. I love this stuff.
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Hmm, i just saw this on the side of an "urban safari" tour bus here in SF. was wondering what that was all about.
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That is one of the most hideously designed web pages I have ever seen.
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Indeed, Gracey, but I bet you won't be too adept with the technology of the day 60 years from now either.

I would hope people would be able to look past that and still find something interesting in the story of your life.
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I see no sign of the perma-tanned one. Although as I recall he was seen here, here, here, here but not here.
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Kilroy's important, the presentation detracts from the content. Image counts, sorry.

I for one would put my money where my mouth is and contribute work to a redesign for these folks.
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Sorry, this is unreadable.
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