MARGE! You're soaking in it!
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Fractal animation videos. Tune in. Turn on. Drop in on a dripping skirling-swirling pulsating orgy of self-transforming recursive math. Some with fractal music. (Non-embedded mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 files, like God intended.)
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Cool. Thanks for the link. I always said math was a mind-twisting recreational branch of knowledge.
posted by mmahaffie at 5:11 AM on August 7, 2005

The 120 meg video is pretty awe-inspiring. Definitely check out some of the MPEG2 versions.

[thanks loquacious]
posted by selfnoise at 5:20 AM on August 7, 2005

thanks, loquacious dude...

it's a shame the resolution of these is small, but the download and bandwidth would be crippling. he should make them hi-res and put them on a dvd. Or make them larger and put them out as torrents.
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My hands are softer!
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The "Squarries" section of his gallery, accessable from his home page, reminds me of the 3D renders by Richard Rosenman made with "Greebled" 3D MAX models and global illumination rendering. (Check out the rest of Rosenman's site for much 3D graphic goodness.)

I wonder what software is used at Fractal Recursions?
posted by Enron Hubbard at 7:33 AM on August 7, 2005

These look like they were made with Electric Sheep. If they weren't, they're very similar.
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Ok, it's like WAY too early on Sunday morning for me to be ... what? ... whoa ... that thrid one is ... DUDE!
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Apparently, math makes me feel like I can lick God's eyeball. Whoda thunk it?
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A basilisk! *dies*
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[this is good]

...when I was a lad, I used to leave my computer rendering a set overnight and look at the static 16 colour image in the morning. Ahhh, those were heady (pre-DX2-66) days.
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Yeah, I remember playing with Fractint on a 386DX-40, and just waiting ever so long for tiny little images, and wishing I could animate a Julia set by stepping through the focal plane or slightly altering the parameters from frame-to-frame to make moving fractals and get a better sense of the dimensions and overall shape of them. Oh, and so I could gape at the screen and make my eyeballs twitter.

I did do a couple of small, very short frame count videos, but they looked nothing like this.
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beautiful! thank you!

*bookmarked for later...scrutiny*
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This is so damn cool....great link!!!
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Sorry folks, I've exceeded my bandwidth for the month for the first time. And it's only the 8th. I have gotten an immense amount of traffic early this month. I'm in the process of getting more bandwidth but the animations will not be available for the time being. Please check out the [low bandwidth] still images.
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How did you make them?

What are we seeing?
posted by asok at 2:15 AM on August 9, 2005

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