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Meathead - a Thanksgiving alternative to turkey.
posted by plinth (5 comments total)
jeepers, between you and cam's link to another meat head, I'm beginning to get awfully hungry.

posted by cCranium at 1:03 PM on November 22, 2000

It should be eat nothing day.
posted by john at 2:01 PM on November 22, 2000

Speaking of Thanksgiving alternatives, my friends who eat fake meat love tofurkey.
posted by sudama at 6:08 PM on November 22, 2000

That looks like dinner with the Donner party. Horrifying.
posted by Dreama at 6:35 PM on November 22, 2000

That's strange, the vegan friends I know couldn't stand the tofu turkey. After all, tofu shrinks your brain.
posted by john at 10:09 PM on November 22, 2000

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