The Girls of '64
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Girls of '64... preserving the sexy side of the C64. (NSFW)
posted by Ljubljana (11 comments total)
I tried to find the NSFW part, care to provide a more direct link. All I got was cheesy 70's pixelated 'staches and the promise of hotness. But the hotness was not to be found.

That makes the baby fenriq cry.

Ah, the C64 pron must be downloaded first? It really is retro.
posted by fenriq at 7:58 AM on August 9, 2005

click on archives and select a letter. I wouldn't say it's hot, but it's unsafe for work.
posted by carmen at 8:06 AM on August 9, 2005

Metafilter; Cheesy 70's pixelated 'staches and the promise of hotness.
posted by cloudstastemetallic at 8:20 AM on August 9, 2005

roflmao! suzi and melissa tought me how to poker ;)
thanks for this trip to memory lane
posted by borq at 8:31 AM on August 9, 2005

Also, Asciipr0n
posted by BlackLeotardFront at 9:01 AM on August 9, 2005

If I step back, tilt my head a bit, and squint my eyes enough...
posted by CG at 9:18 AM on August 9, 2005

medium. i don't understand all the bitch and pimp references. could certainly be sexier.
posted by mrgrimm at 9:39 AM on August 9, 2005

suzi and melissa taught my more than poker. oh you kids have it so easy today, what with your Internet and your omnipresent porn.
posted by keswick at 9:58 AM on August 9, 2005

Best Metafilter link in 6 years.
posted by johngoren at 12:00 PM on August 9, 2005

my woody pixelated.
posted by MiltonRandKalman at 3:15 PM on August 9, 2005

You kids have no idea just how good you have it today. We used to have to work for our porn. There was no Google back then. And when we did finally find something that promised to be juicy, we had to download it via dial-up. Over the phone lines. At 300 baud. Uphill both ways. In the snow. In a hideous 16 color GIF format. If you were lucky and one of your roomies didn't pick the kitchen phone up halfway through the download and disconnect you.
posted by keptwench at 10:43 AM on August 10, 2005

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