Disengaging in game form
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Disengagement: The Game The debate in Israel over the withdrawal from Gaza has found its way into, of all things, dueling cartoony Flash games. The first, the Wild West Bank, by proponents of withdrawal, has you removing settlers from the West Bank before they can establish settlements. The second, the "Disengagement Game" (click the square yellow button beside the picture), has you take the role of Ariel Sharon, whose political nickname is the "Bulldozer," as he uses his namesake (plus a club and a gaggle of pigs) to remove children protesting his policies. According to the creators of each, the first is supposed to be enlightening, the second purely entertaining. [Instructions inside]
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In the Wild West Bank, the goal is to remove the settlers before they can build settlements. A trailer can be removed in one click, a house in two, but if you don't do it quickly, a full settlement will appear that will be guarded by soldiers. To remove a settlement, you need to drag the soldiers back inside the borders of Israel first. You can hear an interview about the game on NPR here.

In the Disengagement Game, you steer the bulldozer left and right with the arrow keys. The goal is to deliver as many children to the waiting police van as possible. After you have delivered a certain number, you can call down a rain of pigs to scare the religious children away by using the "z" key.
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for those non-hebrew speakers, on the first game, wildwestbank, the first placard are instructions, the third is "start game"
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Not only can't I figure out how to start the second game (it gives me something that looks like an email or a login box), the damn stpid techno won't stop, even after I've closed the game's window. Fuck you, Ariel Sharon!
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oy vey these games are tough!
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