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Need to fill out a mix for the next Mefi-Swap? Here is a handy A-Z list of Largehearted Boy's favourite free music download sites.
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While you are there, check out his streaming GBV radio. All Guided By Voices, all the time!
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This is cool, especially since I found this and now all I can do is stare at it and scratch my head.

I wonder what fishfucker or five fresh fish would have to say about it?

And, though I haven't checked it in a couple of years now, April Winchell's site expressly did not allow downloads of its music, much to the chagrin of my righteous free-downloadin' fury.
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Excellent. Thanks, QM.
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what the hell happened to the swap? Wasn't I supposed to get someone's address?
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Thanks for the post! I'm also digging this place: TOFU HUT
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Neato link.. and, weird, I actually have that Bozo record. (Although it said it was "easy to find", so I guess that's.. true. I can find it downstairs!)

Also, the XTC4U site is awesome. I love those bootlegs; XTC actually were a great live band (it's sad about Andy's breakdown, though).
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Yeah, TJH, but epitonic hasn't been updated since summer of 2004. Anybody know the scoop? Were the staff kidnapped by aliens? Did somebody lock up the offices with a big &frac12" chain and leave the servers running?

There's also the great -- hesitate to link here but maybe inside a thread it's OK -- Hype Machine, a treasure trove of MP3s put online by blogs, and sometimes still available a long time later.
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Hype Machine is Largehearted Boy's H. It's actually the only MP3 blog I check anymore.
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Hey! What about me?! And of course, 3hive.
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Dhartung, I think Epitonic changed hands a couple times and the guy that started it Aaron, now works for music.cnet. Not really sure if the company that owns Epitonic cares about it or ever did. It is definitely on auto-pilot and has been for some time.
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Damn. Damn, damn, damn, damn. There's a whole lot of music to listen to now! Thanks for the post (and the additional links in the thread)!
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I'll just add that as a result of this link, I have now heard the first single off the new Broken Social Scene album, and my mind is fucking blown.
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(oh - it loads as a .zip file, but everything is above board).
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Long time reader, first post (finally decided to donate!)

I may be hated for this but I wanted to direct all you MeFites to my blog, The Witness Exchange. I figured it was relevant and there were only so many mp3blog posts I could read before going insane without a mention... hey, at least I'm not hiding it, right?

Whats there? Experimental, electronic, indie, hip-hop, radio station picks, netlabel highlights, New Orleans area event calendar and so on. Streams for Real, Winamp and Windows Media Player, podcasting and even an embedded player for those that would rather not actually download anything.

If you stop by, please say hello!
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Oh, and if you really want to get lost in music downloads, check out Webjay
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sil3ntstatic: not to worry. As long as you leave self-linking to within relevent threads (like this one was to yours). Nice site.
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I would love to need to fill out a mix for the Mefi Swap, but for some reason, I'm not allowed to register.
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Great post Quartermass! I try to keep up with Largehearted Boy, but haven't been lately. Now I have a *lot* of downloading to do.

Another site sort of similar to Hype Machine is Radio Blog Club, only it streams music instead of providing links to downloads (AFAIK, anyway). An awesome resource for sampling songs. I meant to make an FPP about it a while back but slipped my mind.

It's amazing how much music is really out there, and yet you still hear many music fans complaining about how there's nothing to listen to...
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Thanks to Dave for pointing people to my blog, Said the Gramophone. :) This week: new Sigur Ros! Constantines! Robyn! The Wilburn Brothers! Jonathan Richman! and more!

And the writing's good too. My partners' at least.
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Check out this list from Monkeyfilter.
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I'm just sharing the love with the list...

It was a tough call, but I almost included The Witness Exchange on the list... I'm a regular reader of 3hive as well, I may have to do a list of numbers as well sometime.

Marquis... there couldn't be a list of online music without Said the Gramophone, it's an institution!
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