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FlashEarth is a Flash app that adds continuous zoom and rotation abilities to Google Maps/MSN VirtualEarth. Created by Paul Neave.
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Very cool that you can quickly switch from different data sources for the maps. Google Earth is a little shinier but of course it's not a web app.
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Hm. Maybe I should have another play - I tried it out a day or 2 ago and didn't see much of an advantage over google earth (or googlemaps for that matter). It may (as usual) have been because I was focussing on Oz. In any event, the google data was superior for Sydney over MSoft.
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If I could get a ride on the space shuttle I'd do a space-walk in my trenchcoat, and then I too would flash the earth!
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wonderful. nicely implemented.
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Very nice - not nearly as clunky as Google Maps, but not nealry as full featured as Google Earth.

Correct me here - although Google Earth is not a web app, it does gather all of its data from remote servers once you boot it up.
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That's correct, Jazz. It streams higher-rez data off remote servers on the fly.

(I sometimes wish I could just download the whole thing, but presumably it's HEEEEUUUGGGE)
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You know, the best thing about this is the little crosshair that appears when you start dragging the map. This allows you to place something in the real center of the square, then zoom in while that spot stays in your view window... I really wish this were on the real
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cool cool cool. Good link!
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This is awesome
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Thanks Paul Neave.

I like scroll-zoom.
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Nice. Can finally run GoogleEarth on a Mac.
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selfnoise, in case you're interested, the good folks at this website have made some estimates...
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Thanks, flagellum! 8-11 terabytes, huh? Wow. I guess I can't store that on my HD.
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Those estimates are silly. Raster vs. vector. Now, the estimates would be valid for visual / satellite data, but not for map data. That's all simple vector data.
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