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MY DATE WITH DREW - Follow up to this past thread.
Though the first post's linked page has changed since the last discussion. What happened to the web journal behind this movie?
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hi thomcatspike!!!
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What's most grating, though, is how the film pretends to be an inspiring story about one ordinary guy's pursuit of a quixotic dream to meet his muse, when in fact Herzlinger's adoration of Drew is considerably less heartfelt than his infatuation with himself. -LA Weekly
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I hope this review link works, because Entertainment Weekly didn't like it AT ALL. They don't give many F's to movies.
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The article sure has a lot of pictures of the dude... just sorta standing there.
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Well does he fucking get a date with her or not?
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So I guess he literally turned stalking into an artform?
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My date with Pete Doherty...
If we're going to have celebrity stalking passing for documentary, that's what I like to see. Full-on barking mad stalker following crack-smoking rockstar around til rockstar ends up in jail and stalker in hospital. Cringeworthy is where it's at, dude...
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From smackfu's Entertainment Weekly link:

one of those charmless gasbag hustlers who fill up the background of every third party in L.A.

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yeah, but it said it was funnier than Napoleon Dyna...oh wait...nevermind.
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Right on, clevershark.

I had a childhood crush on her too, but this is a tad overboard, no?
Personally, I stop stalking after "no".

I guess it's ok if Drew Barrymore wasn't totally skeeved out by it. Then again, she was with Tom Green for quite some time.
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(No. This is a gasbag hustler.)
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the blog is here.
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So its okay to follow your dreams if they include following people who actually have lives around and pretending to know them but only if you're making a movie about it at the same time?

Damn, Hollywood is confusing and sad.
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You know, I saw this movie the other day, then came home and re-read the original thread from 2003. Really funny to see what people were on track and off base about.

Before anyone gets too carried away with calling Brian (who, you may recall, I have known since high school and I promise you he is not the least bit creepy) a stalker, see the movie! I don't think he comes off that way. But don't take my word for it, or the word of a reviewer.
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