"There was no one ever in American life who was remotely like Truman Capote", says Norman Mailer
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Truman Capote's Blood Work Two soon-to-be released films on Truman Capote's life, Capote and Have You Heard? begin as the novelist drops into rural Kansas to begin work on what became "In Cold Blood". More inside.
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About the 1967 film version of In Cold Blood (from Pitch Weekly, Kansas City):
Appearing in the 1967 film are several young actors who would go on to successful theater careers in Kansas City. . . .

Niven recalls that filmmaker Richard Brooks was searching for "real, authentic Kansas young people -- and we were real, authentic Kansas young people." He and Hough and other members of the University of Kansas' theater department auditioned for Brooks at a casting call in Lawrence.
Based on the article linked above from the Lawrence.com, it looks like the days of looking for authentic local flavor are pretty much gone.

Instead, filmmakers spend their time looking for the place willing to fork over the biggest pile of cash . . .
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Here's an account (duly noted: sort of a self link) from a test screening of 'Have You Heard?'
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Weird. I just finished "In Cold Blood," started dinner, came to my computer and this is on MetaFilter.
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RJ, thanks -- I haven't very high expectations for HYH -- I mean, Sandra Bullock?
I still hope that the Philip Seymour Hoffman film doesn't suck though -- he's great and I love love love Catherine Keener, and she sounds a very interesting choice for Lee

justkevin: metaspooky!
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Second time this week. Last Friday I went to see "OK GO" and a few hours before someone had posted a video of their closing routine. Maybe I should just start planning my week around whatever's on Mefi. Must... rent... minorities...
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This does beg the question: Why aren't these movies being made in Kansas?

"No incentives -- that's the short answer," says Kansas Film Commissioner Peter Jasso.

And everyone know all the really gruesome murders nowadays are happening in Texas. Plus Texas just has a dead Clutter feel about it.

Great Post Matteo. Kudos on putting up links to the previous Mefi discussions.. before some wiseass did it to you.
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And everyone knows...

*must quit posting after third drink*

*pours another scotch.. reconsiders*

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Two movies and a comic book. This story is suddenly everywhere.
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I'm definitely waiting for the release of "Capote" as I was an extra during a day of shooting in Winnipeg. And to add my small contribution to the Metaspooky, I was just checking up on this movie and telling my friend (also an extra) of the release date a few hours ago...
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I am looking forward to "Capote," -- and also hope it's good.

I wish that the PBS/American Playhouse broadcast of "Tru" were available on DVD. I have a VHS copy I made in 1995, but would like a higher-quality version. What a great show.

For those not familiar, in 1990 Robert Morse played Truman Capote in the one-man stage play, Tru, for which he received a second Tony Award (and his fifth nomination), this time for dramatic performance. The PBS television version in 1992 earned him an Emmy Award.
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