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Remember the Twixters? Now meet the Yeppies: Young, Experimenting Perfection Seekers1,2,3. "Another survey, another invented tag for a group of young people. This survey was for eBay, carried out by Kate Fox, a social anthropologist at the Social Issues Research Centre. It argues that young people are now shopping around and experimenting to find, as she puts it, 'the perfect job, the ideal relationship and the most fulfilling lifestyle.'" - as noted by World Wide Words. [See also: this Venn diagram.] Will researchers ever tire of all this name-calling, though? If they really want to RTFM about this particular generation, they should just watch Wonderfalls.
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posted by jonmc at 6:56 AM on August 19, 2005

a survey? for eBay? A new generation? All I can say is:

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Kate Fox wrote the book Watching the British, of which I have read a couple of chapters. Looks pretty good.
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Shouldn't that be, "DIE YEPPIE SCEM!"?
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Seems accurate enough. What will be the lasting social consequences though? Blood in the streets when people realize that work can't be fulfilling? A "lost" generation when the children of the Yeppies grow up under horrible parenting?
In other words, why should we care?
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So this is where indoor plumbing has led us. Everyone wants comfort and happiness, when our forebears understood that life is a dull, meaningless pit of despair with the occasional slice of birthday cake.

Nice Wonderfalls reference!
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why can't we be generation wtf?
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I've grown tired of reading this same fluff piece every time a consultant publishes a book about people aged 12-55.

Please wake me when we reach the Generational Singularity. We'll all be members of Generation (n-1) and everything we think and do will make sense from a marketing perspective.
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I am not a target demographic, I am a free man...
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SO basically, this generation is trying to live like they see on "Cribs" and E! and not realizing that your job will never afford you that, so they run up credit cards to the highest peak and then ask why they're so unhappy?

Nothing is perfect. A happy person is one who can understand and work with compromise. That's the success in any relationship, job, etc.
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I second foot's suggestion!

I really dislike when people label generations. It's such condescension. I mean I understand looking out for social trends and stuff, but one label sweeps exceptions under the rug. Plus, they can't even come up with a cool name. What's up with that??
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I'm a generation of one.
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Heh. You really have to wonder about sociology done on a marketing budget. I mean, there's an inherent contridiction between perfection and a willingness to experiment. True experimentalists have no respect for perfection. But the sort of experimentalists you see, for example, in the Neo-Platonists are all for experimenting as long as it confirms their primitive, Christian worldviews. These experimentalists are really conformists. What this women means to say is that these kids are especially pliable to advertising. Because they have no idea what they want, only that they want "perfection," marketers should feel free to step in and dictate the perfect lifestyle to these kids.
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What nixerman said

Man I need to get sweet job like that where I can get grants to study spoiled, media-saturated kids, come up with a few cool buzz-words, and pass it off as "anthropology".

They're all just slackers, same as me.
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Okay, after nixerman's and elendil71's excellent points I feel better about coming in and grousing: this woman is not an anthropologist. She doesn't have a doctorate or any (easily found) peer reviewed publications. She is a consultant, probably with an undergrad in anthropology. Arg!
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Ah, johnny novak, so you're part of the "free man" target demographic. Interesting. *scribbles note on clipboard*.
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Everybody wants to create the new buzzword. Jumping the shark could be used in so many ways, meme was pretty intresting, yuppies were a real phenomemnon, freegan was funny but this just falls short.
Join me in my pledge to never use the word mentioned above.
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