un BEE lievable. Get it?
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Photographing flying insects. Most of the pages are devoted to a very detailed tutorial, but pages 2, 4, 9 & 10 show the results of the various setups. Some spectacular hi-speed (bee wings frozen in mid buzz) stuff in here.
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Wow, that's just cool.
posted by snsranch at 8:29 PM on August 19, 2005

This is amazing. Flying insects gallery on the same site.
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Ha ha ha, I get it. Because there are bees!
posted by TwelveTwo at 9:00 PM on August 19, 2005

This is exactly why I spent my 5 bucks to join metafilter. AWESOME.
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[this is good]

When I'm that guy's age I hope I have such an interesting hobby.
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TwelveTwo... I guess it could be perceived as some sort of pun, now that you mention it... hm. Hadn't thought of that...
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That's amazing, not only the final product but the depth of the explanation on how he did it. The guy's so methodical and matter of fact about being able to make his custom components and very unassuming about it.

Awesome, awesome stuff!

jonson, you get my pancakes for the day.
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Thanks, fenriq!

/has brief, furious lovemaking with pancakes...

Um. I'm done with these now... I'm not 100% clear on protocol... Do I leave them outside the hotel room door? Is there a tip involved?
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Wow! This is fantastic! The latter images are like deleted scenes from Real Genius...

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I am STILL waiting for one of these guys to get a clear, unmistakable photograph of a rod.

They're EVERYWHERE, you know!

(nice post, jonson)
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Ha ha ha, I get it! Because there are bees!
posted by TwelveTwo at 10:22 PM on August 19, 2005

TwelveTwo, I think you're overanalyzing it. I'm not sure it works on that level.
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If you folks haven't seen this Flickr shot of a red dragonfly, check it out. It's something!
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I'm just in complete awe.
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It's something!

Bah. It's not in motion. You can reverse/stack lenses to get even closer. :)
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excellent! It took me a while to realize it's the same guy that did the high-speed photography stuff linked last week.
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rob511, I love that flickr shot, and C_D, I LOVE the close up on the whiskers! That's really my favorite thing about Mefi in a nutshell. Hadn't seen either of those before, wouldn't have run across them if it weren't for you two. Thanks, guys. And swordfish - it IS? I didn't even realize that, and I really enjoyed last week's high speed photo geekery thread.
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Check your local library for a copy of the 1975 photo book Borne On the Wind, The Extraordinary World of Insects in Flight, by Stephen J. Dalton. Wonderful pix of Barrel-rolling moths, leaf hoppers en pointe, and crash-landing beetles.
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It comforts me to know that people with those skills are real.
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My brother stalks his insects the hard way.
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If you like close-ups of insects like that Flickr shot, there are several photographers on photo.net who have some amazing shots. For example:
allon kira
stanko mravljak
Mark Plonsky
Ken Aitchison
Andrei Mihalcea
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Man-o-man! They're all excellent. Thanks everyone for the links.
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best of the web indeed! great post, jonson, and awesome in-thread links.
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Here's a collection of shots I got a while back with my Canon S30 and a jeweler's loupe. A newer one, this time with an A95.

I really need to get a macro lens for my D70.
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Hey rafter, those are really cool! And a jewler's loupe, that's a clever idea. Like from the McGyver schools of photography...
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rafter, this is the same concept I as my monocular telephoto lens that slides over my Canon SD500 to give me an effective, 8-24x zoom, its held on by the rubber eye gasket. Just don't try to move too quickly or it falls off.

Nice shots too!
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Rafter - try this: take the lens off your camera and turn it around. Hold it as tightly as you can to the body and use the focus and zoom to fine tune the focus. Or, pick up one of the these.
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When I started with this project, I did not expect that it was going to be so difficult. Technically simple: set up 2 lasers with crossing beams, and if anything appears at their intersection, take a photo. It couldn't be simpler, right?

Don't cross the beams!!

But seriously, great stuff. Very old school hackerish.
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This one is just beautiful. In a Mothra kind of way.
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