Photos from Brazils' second Indigenous Nations' Games
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The second Indigenous Nations' Games of Para doesn't have a website and there's not even an AP story describing the events, but there are a lot of photos from the games.
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Wouldn't medals made of wood be woods?
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Wouldn't medals made of wood be woods?

Only if the whole forest was used for making them;P
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I've since found a story in English about the first Indigenous Nations' Games and there's more information in Portugese about the games.
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The opendemocracy pictures are good, even better than yahoo's, frankly.

There's a similar event called the Jogos dos Povos Indígenas (Indigenous Peoples' Games), which is held about every November in cities around the country (wiki). FUNAI (the Fundação Nacional dos Indios) has a site with some great descriptions and images from the Jogos a couple years ago.

I can't say for all of Brazil, but these were a really Big Deal for the groups living in Tocantins.
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Why do I feel like someone looking intently on a odd animal in a museum/aquarium?
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cleverusername: keep in mind that these games are kind of ceremonial, definitely special occasions.

There are lots of traditional costumes in the game pictures, but most people go around day to day in tshirts, shorts, and flip-flops. Some of the body painting goes on day to day, but the frequency/style really depends on where you are.
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