Why have I never seen this before today?
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Why have I never seen this before today? It turns out that the funniest mockery of the Florida ballot comes from BET; I find this much better than the oft-emailed wiggly-line ballot.
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Quite a laugh. Thanks.
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We had an actual Palm Beach voting booth with a butterfly ballot brought to the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel newsroom. What we found was that the angle that the ballot was displayed, in conjuction with the poor design, led to the confusion. We did a flash graphic of our own that is drawn from the same angle a 5' 10" voter would see.

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I clicked the "talk about this" link, and the page that started loading threw an interesting message at the bottom left of my IE window:

34k of 1.5 meg loaded...

That's a little too big, BET.
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The guy who did the squiggly-line ballot was featured in this article in the Washington Post today. It's about the spread of memes on the web.
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It even gets better when your hand can shift the page slightly up and down. At least that was the case with with the butteryfly ballot in Cook County.
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...only if your hand is up by the pegs that hold the ballot (somewhat) in place. The butterfly ballot was annoying and confusing.

You can't jiggle a Flash animation.
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For who (whom?) is 5'10" average height? That's useful to demonstrate the angle at which some men might have seen the ballot, but the average woman in the US is a good three to four inches shorter, and by that estimation must've seen the ballot differently, as would your average shorter and/or hunched over senior citizen.

Any way you slice it, it's still follow the big bold black arrow to the hole 1/4" inch away.
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I wish someone would inspect the tabletops these ballots were placed upon. What if you accidently set the punchcard a little off before you put the booklet over it? Is this system intended to purposefully insure idiots can't vote, or just that idiots would accidently vote wrong in order to favor yet another idiot?

Was I the only one who noticed Bush blinking irregularly during his 'acceptance speech' tonight? Eerie. At least, unlike Forbes, this idiot actually blinks.
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