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Art Rage: An unfortunate name for a really fun program. From the site: "ArtRage is all about playing with paint without the mess, and having fun in the process. You can paint your own image from a blank canvas to completed work, or load in a picture to trace and have the tools pick their colours for you as you paint over it." Friday fun that can keep you occupied all weekend. Enjoy.
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This next bit is a self-link, which is why I'm making it into a comment. This way the neat program can stay up, if my comment is deleted. Yes, yes. I know. LJblahblah elitestsuckcakes. But this program is pretty nifty for playing with icon creation.
posted by FunkyHelix at 2:42 PM on August 26, 2005

I created a little overlay gidget for Art rage that would use it's colour picking function to generate impressionistesque oil paintings, and then applied it to drunken bar photos of all my friends. It was more entertaining than it sounds.
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This seems like a free version of Painter's natural media paint tools. Which isn't a bad thing... it can be lots of fun to play around with things like this, surprisingly more than doodling in something like MS Paint or even Photoshop.

There's something to be said for digital art tools that are entertaining just to use. Anyway, good post.
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I've tried a lot of natural media tools and for quick and dirty sketching with a tablet the one I keep coming back to is Alias Sketchbook pro. I really like its interface - it never slows me down and it has just enough features for what I need to do.
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If only I had new Macs in my media center! Running this program and Comic Life—couldn't I turn loose some creativity with those!
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This looks cool!
Bonus points for the Bob Ross ref in the title.
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Way better than either of these (this or Painter), if yoou have a mac, you absolutely must pickk up Synthetik Studio artist.

I posted about it on the blue here...
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woops. Here
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I really like this a lot - no tablet, no mac, and it's working nicely. Way better than MS Paint (big surprise, I know) and just good fun, a nice interface, simple & makes good stuff. Thanks funkyhelix!!!
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