Melanie Griffith
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Melanie Griffith is my favorite weblogger. This merging of flowery, trashy romance novel-esque graphics and Melanie's first-hand tales of love, pain and addiction warms the heart. Not only am I going to sign her guestbook, I'm going to order oodles of products through her Godess Collection banner ad.
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A few others noted this, but her journal was described as chronicling her fight with her addiction, and her road to recovery, but there were only two posts when she was done (the second being, I'm done with rehab and back at home). But it looks like she's continuing to update it now...
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That new agey music and Melanie's overly breathy voice over isn't helping much either. Thankfully though she's a part of the same network that features Marilu Henner and Jennilee Harrison (the most neglected of the Three's Company roommates. It makes it so much easier to get all of our infomercial health tips in one easy to swallow location.
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The GODDESS Collection?

Looks like the ol' Fame Egg Timer is pushing hard against the fourteenth minute for the (no longer) young Miss Griffith.

Well, who can blame her. An IMDB search shows that her career trajectory has been fairly typical for an "actress" of her meager talents. Self parodying John Waters film...check. Hollywood Squares appearance....check. And now the well-publicized trip to Betty Ford, her release fortuitously timed to attract hits to her ghostwritten web page and sales for her ghost-produced clothing line.

Amazing. All this while Lily Taylor toils in relative obscurity.
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eww, do ecommerce sites count as a weblog?
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More to the point, does The Goddess Collection count as e-commerce? Ditto on the "eww." And a "ptooey" for good measure.
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Robin Williams isn't doing the journal thing, but he's got this weekly interview deal going online. Looks like the only way to see it regularly is to sign up with and pay money. We're not going to get anyone who has celebrity status to give their cyber presence away for free. Admit it. If you could charge people, and actually make a profit, wouldn't you? Personally it looks to me that Melanie Griffith is suffering from wishful thinking, but you can't hate a gal for trying.
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john, if "frequently updated pages to attract continued traffic" counts as a weblog, well, gosh, yes.

Nobody said they all had to be really original. Or even good.
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Um, that page sucks. Nuf said.
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Dear god, what is she wearing in that goddess collection area? Leather pants and dreadlocks? I see her "I heart Antonio" tattoo is conspicuously absent. Thought she might have ordered them to airbrush that one in, lest we forget who she's married to.
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