Forgotten female impersonator Ray Bourbon
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Don't Call Me Madam: The sad and crazy life of Ray Bourbon A pioneering drag comedian, friend of Mae West and an early independent recording artist, Ray was a deliberately enigmatic pop cult figure who may or may not have had a sex change operation in 1956. He was a frequent target of police raids and died in prison as a convicted accomplice to murder. "Ray’s comedy was, at once, highbrow and lowbrow, overtly Gay and covertly subversive. Despite his influence on Gays, he remained vague about his own sexuality."
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A fascinating story. Thanks for the post, mediareport.
posted by jack_mo at 3:30 AM on August 29, 2005

There's also an MP3 of "The Chropractor's Wife (double-entendre party record)" at the Internet Archive.
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Bourbon created and starred in a drag revue called "Boys Will Be Girls."

Great title. Thanks for the post. I'd never heard of Bourbon.
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Thanks for that mp3, Slack-a-gogo; it's a hoot. For what it's worth, the Realaudio files at the main Bourbon site are what finally got me to download and install Real Alternative. "Bourbon to the Cleaners" is a fun riff on censorship with catty pokes at Sophie Tucker, et al. And you have got to listen to "The Wedding," Ray's rambling story of a police raid on a gay church wedding in the 1920s. It's filled with rapid-fire asides, shrieking laughs, belching and more, a real period piece from one seriously wacked-out queen.
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This is excellent, THANKS
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Given the glamour, the mugshot is defeated and very saddening, too. Thanks again.
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Nice find! I'd not heard of him, either. What a fascinating character, innovative and gutsy. Shitty way to go, though.
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