Educators Offer Classrooms to Many Displaced Students
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Educators Offer Classrooms to Many Displaced Students If you were planning to go to Tulane this fall (or another Katrina-hit college/university) You might want to take this opportunity to try life at Columbia University, or one of the other colleges, (UVA, Syracuse, etc.) that are willing to help...
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I don't see any reference to Columbia in that article or on Columbia's site, or on any of their undergraduate divisions' web pages. Is there another version of this story somewhere?
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I was just about to ask the same thing, mds.
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Sorry guys, I heard it on WNYC/NPR this morning, but I can't find a link either. Best advice is try to call the admisssions office.
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Perhaps what you heard was U.Missouri - Columbia?
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Or it might have been referring to the grade schools in Columbia, Missouri.

I think Columbia U. would have announced this already if it were true. At the very least they would have internally announced it (which I can tell you first hand, they haven't).
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There are schools from coast to coast taking students right now. Columbia would probably be one of them. Jackson State U. in Jackson, MS is putting up many of the Tulane kids.
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If you scroll down the CBSNews Katrina blog page, Delaware State University is offering free tuition to certain students affected by the disaster.
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The University of Arkansas is also offering a place for affected students.
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University of San Francisco is taking in many students who have decided that Loyola was going to be a bit...submerged for them this semester. Come up you fearful Jesuit, indeed.
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I had my first day of Grad school orientation at Columbia, and in front of the entire school, the Dean announced that Columbia would be hosting students from New Orleans if they were living in New York.

I don't know why there isn't an official annoucement-maybe it's a word of mouth thing. The dean basically said "The University will be allowing studens from Tulane to take classes and if you know any Tulane students who are in New York, we are hope to help them in any way possible" I don't know if it's just Tulane students or if any New Orleans college student would be allowed to attend.
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I know that U.Va., at least, is offering classes to any student whose school has been affected by the hurricane. Like Columbia, the deal's only on if you're actually from Virginia, though. Here's part of the email that the university President sent out to us:
[We] have announced an offer of temporary enrollment here to in-state Virginia students who will not be able to enroll for the fall semester in their home colleges. Admissions and financial aid personnel, Student Affairs officers, and others have worked under the guidance of Associate Provost Milton Adams to make arrangements for us to receive what we believe may be as many as 100 visiting students for the fall semester.
So I figure there will probably be deals like this in every state.
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geryon, was this announced at a School of the Arts orientation or a university wide one?
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Oop, nevermind, I found it.
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Got this email from my old school today:
To the GW Community:

As you all know, Tulane University and several other institutions of higher learning in New Orleans and the immeidate region have experienced massive disruption of their operations and are unable to begin fall semester classes. It is estimated that some 75,000 students are affected.

GW will welcome students from these universities as nondegree students on a space available basis. Any late registration fees that these students might incur will be waived upon providing verification of matriculation at their home university or college.

Students wishing to enroll in classes at GW should review the admission and registration procedures for nondegree students at . They also may wish to contact the Office of University Students at 202.994.1972 or Graduate students are advised to contact the appropriate GW department or program regarding course selection and availability.

Please note that no University housing is availble for these students.

The GW academic community expresses its deep concern for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Please share this information with any students or their families who may contact you regarding possible course
enrollment at GW.

Donald R. Lehman
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Pass it on, especially if you know any Tulane/other NO students who live in the DC area.
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Law schools across the country have all stepped up to the bat.
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If there are any gulf coast-based (USM, Tulane?) grad students in musicology or anthropology who want to take a visiting semester in New York, I will assist with making something happen at Columbia to transfer you here, at least informally. It may not make economic sense, unless you're on an external fellowship or have a friend to stay with in NYC. But we can probably network around and find you a cheapish place to crash, and I have some work to help you pay the cost, and can try to get you into classes (if only as an auditor) you might miss due to the evacuation. Email in profile. I'm serious.
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Columbia [University] Extends Sympathy and Assistance to Hurricane Katrina Victims

Arms wide open here -- undergrads, grads, displaced faculty included. If anyone needs help taking Columbia up on the offer of educational relocation, feel free to email me.
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