Trial By Combat
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Trial By Combat - Since it seems that neither counting the votes nor suing in court is going settle this election. I suggest taking a more direct and final approach. A fight to the death with broadswords.
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For a while, now, I've been trying to educate people about the Thunderdome clause that was mistakenly left out of the constitution...

Two men enter, one man leaves...

Heck, we could let the 3rd party candidates in there, too.

(I suppose if you haven't seen the movie, you won't get it... See the movie, it's great fun! :)
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duh duh, duh duh duh duh, duh duh da duh duh!I'm thinking more along the lines of Matthew Broderick and Jim Carrey in 'The Cable Guy'.
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The 1868 American Presidential election was so close that it had to be decided with a bout of wresting.

Ulysses S. Grant decisively defeated Horatio Seymour with a head-lock, and followed that four years later, for a second term, by breaking Horace Greely's arm in the1872 play-off - thus heroically preventing the national embarrassment of having a President with a silly name.

from Daze of our Lives

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