A monumental building with floodwaters at its knees
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The Louisiana Superdome. The moment that thin white membrane flew off the roof to drown, the structure in the center of the storm became a metaphor. That sad, weathered, beaten, and war-torn roof represents the city and its plight.
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I especially like how many ads there have been for Rome: Engineering an Empire lately. I can think of some politicos who could use a good Clockwork Orange viewing of these.

I guess if you had to choose between the convention center and the superdome for a metaphor, the superdome is better. The former seems more emblematic to me, though. (just not as nice pictures)
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Did you notice the addition of the "Katrina" button on google maps, on the "weathered" link above. A shocking way to compare the before and after and really see the devestation.
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I don't have time to see symbolism in any of this. I can't even comprehend the reality of it.
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It's become such a symbol of unimaginable suffering, that should New Orleans recover, I suspect people there will prefer the thing get torn down. I can't imagine how it could ever be sufficiently cleaned up, anyway.
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Doesn't really deserve it's own link, but the Chicago Tribune has an article about someone from the US Army Corps of Engineers claiming that additional funding wouldn't have made any difference.

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Doesn't really deserve it's own link

Thank you. A lot of MeFites aren't showing that kind of restraint.
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some points
people are now asking what will happen to the people that have been moved from new Orleans to Houston and other points, there are reports that those cities are now having a myriad of problems including increases in crime
and what of the next tier people? meaning the tellers, waiters, pizza makers and others who live from paycheck to paycheck; they drove somewhere what will happen to them?
And how well are you prepared? Remember the power outage some years ago and how the system was going to be overhauled? Even if you think you are insulated from a natural disaster once the power grid goes down for a week or two you are in trouble. And lastly how successful do you think Bush will be in his next "request" for monies for Iraq?
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Oops, both of those are the same. Here is the second one that I found:

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How sincerely crazy this whole situation has been so far.
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Topping the steel roof deck of the Superdome is an inch thick layer of polyurethane, and topping that is a thin layer of hypalon, which is a synthetic waterproof covering.

I don't have a degree in engineering of concrete structures and roof, but it seems to me from a very superficial observation (as provided by photos) that only the thin layer was ripped of by the hurricane ?

I suspect this could be an acceptable damage, unless of course water infiltration is likely to be a serious structural problem in just a few days of exposure.
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elpapacito, I think what's going to be more of a problem is the carnage within. It may not be worth trying to clean up the mess of 5 days worth of the building operating as a shelter without running water or air conditioning. I haven't seen pictures, but the stench is "described" as "indescribable."

Most of the evacuees still on-site have opted for exposure outdoors, rather than remain in the building.
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They aren't going to tear down a massive structure because of trash and a smell inside. That's pretty ridiculous. They'll clean it up. They'll air it out. They'll febreeze the place and it'll be fine. I see no way that people living there for five days could render the superdome (structurally) unusable. And really, that's the only reason they would tear it down.
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But the city will be Haaauunted!
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I don't have the bottle near me, but I thought febreze took care of ghosts too.
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Let me prognosticate before the "tear it down" nonsense begins. There isn't a more appropriate place for a museum for this ongoing travesty.
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