Medieval & Renaissance Manuscript Images
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Medieval & Renaissance Manuscript Images: Corsair is a well documented online image repository of the Morgan Pierpont Library. There are 58 manuscripts with over 7,000 images ranging from the 9th to the 16th century. Sample image page. Sample search results. Research information.
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In case anyone is as stupid as me, when you generate search results/folio pages, head for the 'whole page' link which should take you to the image. Then top right of each image page is a 'next page' button. For some reason this all took me quite a while to work out, despite this being a generally straight forward website.
posted by peacay at 9:40 PM on September 3, 2005

After such an ugly week, a touch a beauty was greatly appreciated.
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And this has what to do with Katrina?

(just kiddin' ya peacay! Thanks for the momentary lapse of sanity).
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terrific site. thanks!

bred for their skills in magic?
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This is lovely, peacay, thank you.
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And this has what to do with Katrina?

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An excellent link, and sorely needed right now. Thanks, peacay.
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Gorgeous. Thanks for posting this.
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