Harry Connick jr on CNN
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Harry Connick jr was on CNN and talked about the situation in New Orleans and his desire to work to help and rebuild (recommending Habitat for Humanity). He performed "Way down Yonder in New Orleans" as well. During a drum bit he said, "That's New Orleans right there".
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This post was deleted for the following reason: self-link

If you're going to self-link, at least include sound and don't make it about some crappy adult contemporary artist and fucking Lary King, please.

I give this self-link an F-- the url is obvious and then it doesn't even work right. Do better with your next account, please.
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And I bet he pleads either "ignorance" or "But it's Harry Connick and I am stalking him!" in the resulting metatalk thread.
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This FPP reads like a fourth-grader's "what I did on my summer vacation" essay.
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On the bus going to the University this morning, "House of the Rising Sun" was playing on the radio. That made me sad.

This. Not so much.
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The linked videos sounded fine to me. And it's not really a self-link when you're linking to someone else's videos, and when your main page links to the Red Cross and nothing else. No need to be rude about it, jeez.

I don't get CNN so I found the post interesting. The FPP would have been better with links to Habitat for Humanity and their "Operation Home Delivery" for hurricane victims. Jimmy Carter says: "Habitat for Humanity is in a unique position to provide long-term housing solutions for victims of this storm".
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