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Patrick Flanagan hates flying clay objects!! trick shooting exhibition- embedded wmv
posted by jonson (24 comments total)
Goog guy to have around when the dead start to rise.
posted by brundlefly at 9:23 AM on September 5, 2005

Holy cow! Remind me never to play against him in any kind of FPS....
posted by pjern at 9:25 AM on September 5, 2005

Awesome! You can book him for appearances too. I'll be calling to book him at our next staff meeting in Conference Room 203. Should be a hoot.

On a serious note, this isn't as impressive due to the fact that it's a shotgun and all you have to do is get in the general area of the clay pigeon. I saw a guy do this with an old Colt revolver and he was shooting aspirin. Still, I like the Jimi Hendrix shots.
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 9:26 AM on September 5, 2005

Wow! That hand thrown stuff is amazing.
posted by greasy_skillet at 9:30 AM on September 5, 2005

John Satterwhite is better. I can't find the video, but it was from Episode 119 of Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
posted by odinsdream at 9:33 AM on September 5, 2005

direct link
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 9:51 AM on September 5, 2005

Awesome! Makes me want to go shooting!
posted by Balisong at 9:57 AM on September 5, 2005

OK, I confess to know nothing about guns, except to stay away from the end that has holes in it, but are these rapid-fire, multi-round shotguns common? Damn, that's what I want when the looters come. And I couldn't help but be impressed when he threw the thing up, then looked down to check his gun for a couple of seconds, then looked back up and nailed it. Man. Good eye. Insane eye.
posted by umberto at 11:10 AM on September 5, 2005

Shotguns come in several types. Pump action, semi-auto, double barrel (side by side, and over-under) and single shot.

Usually the pump and semi-auto ones have a plug so that no more than three shells can be loaded, as per hunting rules, or it can be removed for sport shooting. then they usually hold five shells. Extensions can be added to allow 7-9 shells.

I have a Winchester pump 12ga by the front door, loaded with alternating 00 buckshot and 1oz. slugs. But then I have bears going through my stupid neighbor's trash every week.
I like having the bears arond, but I wouldn't think about dispatching one if it was going through my house/ attacking my family.
posted by Balisong at 11:24 AM on September 5, 2005

Hmm. I'm fairly sure I'd think about dispatching a bear in my house. Not long, mind you.
posted by bz at 11:39 AM on September 5, 2005

That shoulda been 'think twice'. ;)
posted by Balisong at 11:56 AM on September 5, 2005

umberto: He wasn't checking his gun, he was loading it. He tossed the clay pidgeon into the air, then loaded the gun, then shot the pidgeon before it hit the ground. My jaw dropped for that one.

That guy's impressive.
posted by sotonohito at 12:02 PM on September 5, 2005

Yeah, but what would you guys do if you were attacked by multiple flying clay objects??
posted by jonson at 12:28 PM on September 5, 2005

Balisong -- Could that stop a rampaging grizzly, or would multiple shots be req'd? (That's not a snark -- being ignorant of guns, I'm curious.)

Oh, and when first read the post I thought it said "trick shooting exhibitionist. Yowza.
posted by docgonzo at 1:26 PM on September 5, 2005

More movies, from his website: World record hip shooting (4.6mb) and Interview (10.1mb)
posted by quiet at 1:49 PM on September 5, 2005

Probably mutiple shots, they say a grizzly's forehead is like 1/2" steel. A side shot to the chest would be preferable. Luckily mine are black bears.
posted by Balisong at 2:02 PM on September 5, 2005

Unless the shotgun is at point-blank range, you're just going to piss it off. You need a rifle round to penetrate that much animal at a safe distance.

See also.
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 4:41 PM on September 5, 2005

Huh. Good thing that the bears that love to feed on my in-laws garden are black?

Thanks for the info.
posted by docgonzo at 5:27 PM on September 5, 2005

i don't know why but i really like the fact that in quiet's link, the reciever on his Winchester shotgun is red. Also, damn. He is good. Must be using fairly light loads though because that gun doesn't seem to be recoiling much at all.
posted by quin at 8:36 PM on September 5, 2005

Either that, or he has some sort of bionic shoulder.
posted by Balisong at 8:57 PM on September 5, 2005

how many shots would it take to kill a mammoth?
posted by Satapher at 10:01 PM on September 5, 2005

Like others have said, a shotty wont do much to a grizzly. Once they are within the distance where a shotty might do some real damage, about .1 seconds later they will have a claw in your face. Best idea is to get some of that pepper spray made for bears, or some sort of fully automatic rifle. I would go with the spray though, much cheaper, and no furry mess to clean up.
posted by parallax7d at 11:29 PM on September 5, 2005

Peper spray just makes you spicer to a bear.

Next to the shotgun, I have a 30.06 and a lever action 30-30.

But don't underestimate the power of a 1-1.5 oz. slug. I don't keep birdshot in my home defense gun.
posted by Balisong at 12:33 AM on September 6, 2005

Dynamite. Can we throw dynamite at the bear? Where's my pocket nuke when I need one...
posted by foozleface at 11:16 PM on September 6, 2005

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