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Arnold Schönberg Web Radio - a rotating program of documentaries, lectures, history, the composer's own words, and recordings of nearly all his works. The Schönberg center also has some beautiful manuscript pages scanned.
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List of works by opus number - follow the quellen link for manuscript pages, if they're available.
I've particularly enjoyed Glen Gould's interview (1,2) with Schoenberg's widow, and the composer's talk on music and painting.
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Someone needs to bump up they bitrate.
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Nice site.
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Awesome! Thank you.
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Mm, don't miss the early, romantic "Zeroth" quartet.
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Here's some of Arnold in his Zappa phase.
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This is great.
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right on. i gotta send this to my old 20th century theory professor...

(ps welcome me!)
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Awesomeness! Thanks for a great link.
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