Please turn off all cameras before entering club
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View the Pacific Walrus community at Alaska's Walrus Island State Game Sanctuary via their handy webcam. However, do your viewing soon as the camera will be going offline for several weeks starting tomorrow due to annual hunting by Alaskan Natives and their wishes for privacy . (yes, the animals in the last link are seals, but it illustrates why they don't want this broadcast live)
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FYI: I don't really feel "one way or the other" about Native hunting rights.
I realize it is an integral part of their history and culture and that the conservation issues have been addressed by all involved many times over.
More so, I found the need to "censor" ubiquitous modern technology in order to prevent a potential PR nightmare an interesting quandary.
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Another note...
The cameras have been knocked out of service today due to weather, so I guess my "handy" link is really moot.
Although you never know, I doubt they're in any real hurry to repair it as it was set to be disabled tomorrow anyhow.
Check back Oct. 21st for the return of the video (but with a few less seals).
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Hmm, I wonder if before the camera got borked if the site stated why the cameras were going offline.

If they were upfront about the First Nations (I guess there's a different term used in the US) wanting privacy, then I don't have a problem with taking the cams down.

As for the hunting, I'm all for it. AFAIK it's not ecologically extreme.

Would anyone have a problem with having web cams monitor feed cattle - and if there were such cams, what would your opinion be on turning them off/keeping them online during the slaughter stage of the feed cattle's lives?
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