How grampa might have done it.
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Vintage Projects do it yourself plans, vintage reprints and building ideas from the 40's, 50's and 60's for farm, workshop, woodshop, machineshop, kids and camping. Includes plans for a pop-up camper, toy excavator, snow blower, and concrete block machine.
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This is really really really cool. I love that they have a whole section of archery projects. It seems like we've fallen a long way from the days when every archer needed something to do when they weren't shooting at stuff.

The knowledge gained through the experience of making your own bow makes this more than just a prideful accomplishment.

Sooner or later the enthusiastic archer gets a yern to make his own bow. His reasons may be economical or experimental, but whatever they are, his skill as a craftsman should be equal to his enthusiasm or his venture into bow-making could prove dismal and costly.

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I'm so gonna build me one of those concrete brick machines. 100 bricks per hour is my new motto! Thanks.
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Imagine quotation marks around the proper "motto" part of sentence number two (approximately the first 16 characters not including spaces) in the above comment authored by me on this fine afternoon, thank you.
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I love this stuff. I used to have a collection of "Handyman's Encyclopedia" and the like from the '20s, '30's and '50s, fascinating information from a time when, if you wanted something done, you did it yourself.
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I love the pic of the mom standing happily next to her child with his homebuilt repeating crossbow...that's definetly not how my mom would look if I was armed.
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Great link. Reminds me of Saturday afternoons in my neighbor's garage pouring over his huge collection of pre and post-war Popular Mechanics.
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Now how could you point us to that site and not link to this?
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Oh, spock, that is just beautiful.
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spock writes "not link to this?"

Well I don't fish and I don't smoke so I guess it just didn't catch my eye. 'Tis truely a work of art though.
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Awesome. "Build Your Own Shop Forge!" That's exactly the kind of thing either one of my grandfathers would have spent the weekend doing. "Kids, tell your grandma that I'm ready to make her those new curtain rods now!"
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It's pretty clever how they have interspersed the Google ads, styling the colors of the links so it looks like part of the legitimate page content.

PS... home blacksmithing is still quite a going hobby in some sectors. I bought a nice holdfast for my workbench from Jake in Galena, Alaska. It's a thing of beauty. I can certainly understand the appeal, myself. I understand that finding a decent ANVIL is the hardest part, equipment-wise.
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That fishhead ashtry makes me want to both smoke and fish! BEST OF THE WEB!
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Um, what ads? Am I missing something?
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You don't see "Ads by Google" on this page? You must have a ad-blocker or firewall or sumpin'. Not that you are MISSING anything.
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This is good. Actually, I wish my DIY-fu was up to building some of these, like the car-powered arc welder or the motorized bicycle.

There's definitely something that's been lost in the modern era of cheap, abundant consumer goods. I doubt I'd wanna trade my position as a semi-economically priviledged 21st century slob to live in a time when this sort of know-how was a necessity, but there's something liberating about creating anything that can't be bought. Functionality be damned, you don't get that from tearing open a Wal-Mart bag and opening a cheap third-world built geegaw.
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spock writes "You must have a ad-blocker or firewall or sumpin'."

Ad block iFrame in my case. Though the ads aren't all that bad.
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I really, really want the toy excavator.
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Oh man, this is so my new favorite site! Yay!
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