Good things come to those who quoit.
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The Third Annual World Quoits Championship will be held tomorrow in Amityville, PA. This ancient game, related to the discus, involves pitching rings at a peg in the ground. Once widely played in the UK and US, the game of quoits has declined in popularity over the years, replaced in the US by its derivative--horseshoes (which are easier to throw and more likely to score “ringers”). Today, it’s a regional pastime, played primarily in PA, NJ and NY. Learn everything there is to know about quoits here. They’ll even find you a partner.
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Plus it's a good scrabble word.
posted by BrotherCaine at 12:40 PM on September 9, 2005

any relation to Jarts?
posted by kcm at 12:43 PM on September 9, 2005

You haven't lived until you've been hit on a bare foot by an errant quoit. Ah, the memories.
posted by Bort at 12:56 PM on September 9, 2005

posted by psmealey at 12:59 PM on September 9, 2005

any relation to Jarts?

Jarts = pointy danger
Quoits = thunky danger (Just ask Bort.)
posted by jrossi4r at 5:19 PM on September 9, 2005


I was talking about my rug...
posted by titboy at 9:56 PM on September 9, 2005

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