Where are they now?
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I love any weblog that features an author with time, google skills, and some passion for a specific subject. Over on Yes But No But Yes, there's a regular feature called Where are They Now? featuring write-ups of what the cast of White Shadow ended up doing (Salami directed Sopranos episodes?!), what everyone from the original wonka movie does today (Mike TeeVee was in The Big Lebowski?!), and where the cast of Debbie Does Dallas ended up (one actor went from porn to the Spiderman movie).
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Wow, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is alive and well and still acting!
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"Danica is definitely a case of beauty and brains. After The Wonder Years, McKellar temporarily turned her back on acting to attend UCLA to study math. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and the following year co-authored a paper in the Journal of Physics: Mathematics & General that helped solve a problem in the area of statistical mechanics, now known as the Chayes-McKellar-Winn theorum. (I got two sides on a Rubiks Cube once) She recently came back to acting with a recurring role on The West Wing."

Awesome! And hot!
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That's the thing with the internet - there is ALWAYS someone there writing about a subject nobody should be wasting time writing about.

You know what would be interesting: Calculating the amount of human 'time' available at any particular moment on the internet. You know, like how some applications harness extra CPU cycles for cancer research, someone should work out a way of harnessing all that wasted time for some good.
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From the wonka movie link: (Oh, and if you are wondering why so many of these are German - as are many of the actors in the smaller roles, it's because the movie itself was shot in Germany...)

Obviously because Germany is, after all, the land of chocolate.

(Mmmh, chocolate ...)
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Omiewise, seconded! And I love the name Danica too (not because of the race car lady either).

This is a great site, I love where are they now's!
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I believe Paris Themmen (Mike TeeVee) was The Dude's performance-dancing landlord...but since that role seems uncredited on IMDB, I'm not sure. Looks like him, though!
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Yeah, that's what I was thinking -- that Mike TeeVee performed the... what have you for them.
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I can't believe he left June Foray off his cartoon voices article.
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actually, that's Jack Kehler as the Dude's landlord, if I'm not mistaken.
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Danica definitely seems cool, but she still has that kind of freakish look of a child star all grown up. I think that has more to do with my own mental imprint of her, but there's something about her look that seems strange to me. It's like seeing pics of the Olson twins now as they have reached adulthood. Their pre-adolescent features are still too prominent to that point that they look like amusement park kewpie dolls: not quite right.

The only child star I can think of that actually looks like a normal guy now is Danny Bonaduce, come to think of it.

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google skills, you mean they know how to type in 'imdb.com'?
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Whatever happened to that guy in the Jackson 5? I think his name was Mike, or maybe Michael? That's someone they should report on!
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40 Watt, you nailed it. i was mistaken.
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The blog also links to this exhibit of contemporary art rendered in Lego which I found completely awesome.
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Also, livejournal's how they look now has plenty of this kind of thing.
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Caaaan yoooo dig iiiiit!!! Wow, a where are they now for The Warriors. Magic Crap indeed.
Warriors, come out and playeeay! *clink* *clink* *clink*
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The White Shadow. I loved that show, man. Same with The Warriors. The cinematic portrayals of delinquents and gangbangers in the '70's inspired the style of a generation.
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Y'know that guy, he was a guitar player, um, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter from, um, Steely Dan and like the Doobie Brothers? He's a missle defense expert and shit!
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Y'know that guy fixedgear, from MeFi? He takes the time to post comments that show how uninterested he is. Woudja believe it?
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I have to admit, at first, when I read your post, I was just going to remark that if you don't like a post, feel free to ignore and move on. There's no need to jump in and tell everyone what a waste of time and effort it is. You just end up sounding like a bitchy pre-teen girl who feels the need to draw attention to herself by telling everyone who boring and stupid everything is. Also, fark already has a running joke about "still no cure for cancer," and just because it took you a full paragraph to make the same joke, well, it's still a pretty lame one-liner fark cliche.

But then, I thought about it a little, and I realized you're right. I mean, I spent probably five minutes looking at the posted links, and then another five minutes reading the comments. And then I spent TEN MINUTES thinking about exactly how I was going to flame you and typing it up.

Now here's the crazy part: I ACTUALLY WORK ON A CANCER RESEARCH PROJECT. And I actually should be pulling some data off of a fluorimeter right this very minute. You wee totally, completely correct about how stupid internet post divert resources from cancer research.

However, as you can see from the accounting of my time above, the biggest waste of time here is you. And if even a single person dies of prostate cancer because of the ten minute delay in the analysis of those assay results caused by your cunty little attention-whoring complaints, it's entirely your fault.

You fucking murderer.
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Well, from the other side, I'll admit that I was going to invent the next art form, but I *did* take some time out of my day to read this, so, yeah, we're pretty much guilty. Maybe I'll invent post-mortem art tomorrow instead.
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Heather Ripley - Jemimah
Memories of CCBB are not completely happy ones for Ripley - she blames the extended shooting schedule, during which her mother chaperoned her as they were split from her father, as the main reason for her parent's subsequent divorce. In adulthood, Jemimah became a miltant “eco-warrior”, living in a makeshift protest camp outside the Faslane nuclear submarine base near Greenock in Scotland, where she was once arrested and jailed. These days, as a mother of two, she limits her peace protesting to weekends, and spends the rest of her time creating craft items out of driftwood that wash up near her home in Broughty Ferry, Scotland.

: >
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Stand down, iron chef, I think markesh was just being flip. With all we've been through the last couple weeks it's about time for some CelebFilter.

Danica's sister Crystal hasn't done too poorly either.

Y'know that guy, he was a guitar player, um, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter from, um, Steely Dan and like the Doobie Brothers? He's a missle defense expert and shit!

We all know Bruce Dickinson's new job, right?
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ah, David Patrick Kelly was awesome in Twin Peaks, and he also reminds me of Bradley Whitford, who had a funny but very unappreciated TV show called Black Tie Affair in the 1990s, long before West Wing.

Warriors was soooo lame.
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We all know Bruce Dickinson's new job, right?

Well, along with his piloting , he still rocks out, and the title track from his first solo album Tattooed Millionaire is one of the unerathed gems of Metal history.

/geek, mullethead
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on Mike Teevee in Lebowski:

It seems he is one of the bowlers in the opening credits. My guess is he's the bald guy who steps out while Dylan's singing "up to my ears."
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Violet and Augustus ought to get together and talk shop.
Iron chef: I love you.
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my favorite Charlotte item has to be that she won the coveted Internet 'Rear of the Year' award at the age of 16. Dare to dream.

In her late 80s, the author of Mary Poppins, PL Travers, finally revealed that the story of the magical nanny was based on a tale she made up as a child to comfort her younger sisters when their mother declared she was going to committ suicide in the local creek.

Warriors was soooo lame.

I disagree. I thought it was very educational; I learned that movie lesbian gangs, like movie Nazis and movie Indians, can't shoot.
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Metafilter: Cunty, Murderous
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We lived in Stamford, CT for 8 years, and about 2 years ago, my son came home after a field trip. One of the places they'd been was part of the city's arboretum, and over to some nature watching at a nearby golf course. While they were there, the teachers noticed a golfer of some repute, who decided to come over and shake the kids' hands. My son said the guy's name was Gene-something, and he had big curly hair.

I about freaked: My little boy had gotten to shake hands with Willy Wonka.
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